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PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel

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Learn to master Laravel to make advanced applications like the real CMS app we build on this course

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12 avis pour PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel

  1. Paskal Vis

    Really enjoyed this course and it helped me getting the basics of Laravel under control in just a few weeks! Thanks Edwin:)!

  2. Owoamanam Stephen

    It has been a good course so far. Had my doubts when I first started but it has turned out rather well… It would be nice if a refresher on php could be inserted at the beginning of the course before delving into laravel so that people who are not so familliar with the language get to have a feel of it before dancing in the framework that is laravel. Other than that, the course is great

  3. Subodh Choure

    Great learning experience.

  4. Ashkan Delanvar

    The best thing about his course is he did not edit video, and he did not cut his mistakes, which you can make and face the same problems too.

  5. Brown Patrick

    Edwin Diaz, I am addicted to your courses!

  6. Fawwaz Hosein

    Edwin Diaz has no business teaching anything. His English is poor, completely unable to explain use cases for functions namely the relationship sections from section 10 onwards and the winging it style of teaching is absolutely horrendous. Laravel isn’t challenging, this guy makes it a burden to learn. Save your money and please do not buy this course.

  7. Ian Gregoire

    So far amazing been really entertained and focused. Love these short lecture lets me do something in between and go over what I just learned.

  8. David Miracle

    So interesting but the lecture is already outdated.

  9. Pedro Mendonça

    Only half was updated sadly. I wanted a full course. Now i will have to buy another …

  10. Israel Olakanmi

    Yes, I believe so. i am enjoying my teacher up to this level… good to move to next videos. Loving laravel anf phpstorm now… thumbs up to Mr. Edwin

  11. Daniel Soriano

    Always a pleasure taking a course from PHP master Edwin Diaz. Thank you

  12. Francisco Morfín

    This is what I call a “Spaghetti” course. It is all very mixed up. I like that the instructor is focused on showing the laravel features. I don’t think it is an easy course for begginers, but it is worth it for people with a programming background. Overall, I’m satisfied. Thank you!

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