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Practice Java by Building Projects

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Ultimate Java interview prep course! 100% focused on applying object-oriented design in real-world applications

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12 avis pour Practice Java by Building Projects

  1. Edward Munoz

    The first two exercises were very easy.
    The banking exercise was very exciting.
    Out of five exercises, he only gave us 3 exercises.
    Either way you can improve if you give 2 more examples with a lot of difficulty to learn more.

    he is a good instructor
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Iván Bustos

    me gusto todo el contenido ademas que usa un metodo facil de entender y aprendi muchisimas cosas qu espero poder probar en mis futuros proyectos, Recomiendo este curso al 100 % …. million likes

  3. Pule Mosolotsane

    This was a great course, the content and examples were on point

  4. Amedee Kreuzer

    Der Kurs ist gut für mich geeignet, da ich bereits ein gutes Wissen über Java Objekt Orientierte Programmierung habe.

  5. James Ayrton Ontiveros Ordinola

    Perfec perfect and understable!

    congrats my friend!

  6. Rakesh Gajjala

    Its will be the suggested course to a beginner for a good hands on experience.

  7. Pote

    please come up with more such project with collections.
    Thanks a lot.

  8. Karanam Sai Pavan Kumar

    Great choice to learn how to apply java knowledge in real life applications in job scenario. Thank you udemy and instructor TimShort.

  9. Sanjay P S

    Thank you for this course.It help me to take my java knowledge into real action.

  10. Andrew Williams

    Two of the five projects are not actually included. In the third project, there were errors with randomization, including strange rounding of doubles and how the debit card number was always generated the exact same. Also, the microphone quality was not great. Otherwise a great course though.

  11. Shreyan Roy

    Very good and interesting course

  12. Juan Carlos Vadillo

    The last project was good, but the Email App and the Student DB were just two classes, I believe those projects could have much more complexity and OOP structure

    I was expecting more in General, the Bank ACC creation was a good one. hopefully, all three were similar

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