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Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code

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Increase your chance of success learning to code and communicating with other developers

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12 avis pour Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code

  1. Serhiy Skarbek

    I like the course. However, there is some things I think are missing, Ex – there is no explanation of how must I create the web on the previous Activity task

  2. Vytautas Benetis

    Very good for everyone who wonts to start programming. The Trainer explains the Existing technologies, programming languages and procedures.

  3. Cindy Reed

    This course had a LOT of great info and was engaging. I definitely wasn’t bored. There are a few things I’m confused about, but hopefully I’ll understand them better as I dive into learning web development.

  4. Jason Avis

    The course gets better as it goes on. It feels like a great introductory level of information for a mechanical engineer turned project engineer who needs to learn more about the world of software development to have more intelligent conversations with the team’s SW engineers.

  5. Afeerah Naseem

    It was nice course on pre programming , helped me get a general idea about what things are involved and how they work .The only drawback I found was it was a little boring .


    This course is an absolute delight. Evan covers decades of technological developments in crisp and easy to understand language. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn programming specially the ones who belong to a non technical backgrounds.

  7. Vitor Ornelas Alvim

    I know this is supposed to be a Pre-Programming course, tackling very basic subjects, but I wish it could have gotten at least a little bit deeper into some topics. Still good though.

  8. Katerina Todorova

    I loved the course, I feel like A LOT of gaps have been filled in my basic knowledge about programming and I am super hyped to move on to my next courses! It absolutely achieved its goal – to FINALLY make me get what my programmer friends are talking about 😀
    The things I especially appreciate about how it is structed and presented are:
    1. I REALLY liked that 80% of the time you were facing and looking directly at the camera
    2. the visual representation of the info
    3. the humor sprinkled throughout
    4. the duration of the different sections

    For the first time in my life I managed to stay focused for so many hours 😀 The other courses are not really what I am interested in, but I will recommend them to friends.

  9. Ivan Gaete Cancino

    I’m enjoying the transcript, the sense of humor and the macro/micro perspective

  10. Rainier Rocafort

    Very Clear explanation. and how computer works, Just a small observation with regards to the man that re-invented computers. Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE is an English actor. He star the Imitation Game (2014) where played the role of Alan Touring, the English mathematical genius who tried to crack the German Enigma code.
    Aside from that, the content is fantastic.
    see the link for the movie:
    thank you

  11. Christina Hansen

    Evan is a wonderful teacher and he covered a bunch of basic concepts, a ton of which I never heard of. This course was great and I love the resource material to help me dive more into what he was talking about. I enjoyed a lot of the visuals he used since I am a hands-on learner and the visuals are the best way for me to understand a lecture without getting into it.

  12. Daniel Cuevas

    Excellent study material material to begin understanding the coding world, and how to better orient yourself in choosing a path from all the multiple options for a coding/developer career.
    This will help you a lot if you have no programming experience, and if you just decided to purse a career in programming. If you are already on this path and have some experience, it will not help you as much.
    Content was well made and the instructor deliver the explanation of every topic in a very simple and understandable way, I am even considering to buy some other courses from him just because of how good he is at explaining and teaching things lol.

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