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Programming with Python : HandsOn Introduction for Beginners

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Eliminate roadblocks to learn programming: Start writing your own programs in Python 3 from scratch

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12 avis pour Programming with Python : HandsOn Introduction for Beginners

  1. Cameron Wade

    As a complete beginner to programming and not even having finished all the course material yet I can just say that I feel I am learning valuable knowledge about Python and I will be able to write my own basic programs after completing this course.

  2. Samantha Luckhardt

    Great introduction and like how the instructor related the topics to real world examples. The final project was a bit tricky but representative of a real project.

  3. Nikita Kanchan

    It is a good course to quickly brush up the basic concepts of python. Like it !!

  4. Oleksii Yermakov

    Some topics were not discussed: files, no exponentiation operator, PEMDAS/BODMAS, sets, classes, method get() on dictionary. In a section which belongs to tuples there was an exercise to use list() and tuple() functions but they are not discussed in a lecture.


    horrible. I cannot hear the presentation.

  6. Antonio Breedlove

    Good course so far! Great content and able to follow even though I’m new to programming.

  7. Naga Malleswara Rao Yalavarthi

    Day by day, my confidence is getting stronger that I can be a programmer without any doubt.

  8. ANDREW Phillips

    Very very good for beginner with short projects to not overwhelm the student. Febin speaks very clear and in simple terms. Great intro!

  9. Learning Development

    Well hands on experience and Suitable for python beginners

  10. Oluwadunni Balogun

    Well explained and easily understandable for learners.

  11. Christian Virdo

    Course was good, I think there should have been a bit more information and exercises before going into the final project. I had no idea where to even start for the final project and watching the explanation confirmed that.

  12. Nikhil Puhal

    Its a very nice and easy tutorial to begin with. Great for beginners who don’t know anything about Python language

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