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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide Course

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Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) that feels like an iOS & Android App, using Device Camera, Push Notifications and more

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12 avis pour Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide Course

  1. Justin Drouin

    Not much on firebase which is what is primarily used for the backend. Also if you use PHP primarily for your backend code this won’t work as easily with indexedDB.

    overall, good intro

  2. Timothy Young

    This is a brilliant course. When I started it I had no experience of PWAs and barely even knew what one was. This course is one of the few I have seen that really does take you from zero to being able to create a fully functioning and complex app. Everything is clearly and patiently explained with nothing hidden and because of this it’s a long course but its worth it and the tutor is excellent and obviously very knowledgeable , his presentation style is just right, upbeat but not rushed so you understand each step. The course must of taken a long time to prepare and the quality shows.

  3. John Black

    It is so far. Glad he’s starting from the ground up in the next video

  4. Italo

    The course is well explained, even if you have not a great experience with JS. I find it really useful!

  5. Samrat Nandkumar Pandit

    Yes so far!

  6. Mario Francesco Nugraha Putra

    you never let me down to teach about new things, keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Nick Chomey

    Its a good course. Max is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, and he was quite thorough in introducing us to PWAs.

    My main criticism, however, is that it has not been updated in a while – as evidence by his use of Workbox v2, when the current version is v6!

    So, at the very least, the Workbox materials should be updated as not only does the provided code not work anymore, but we’re missing out on many years and major versions of improvements to make PWAs easier to build and more powerful.

    But I strongly suspect that there’s plenty of other things that could/should be updated beyond Workbox – new and changed libraries and browser compatibilities, etc… Perhaps usage of something like Dexie etc…

    It also seems like Max and his team haven’t been replying to questions for years.

    Nonetheless, its a great intro to PWA development and I now feel a lot more confident with my prospects of converting my existing app into a useful PWA. Its just a shame that it is out of date – my rating would be 5 stars if that was the case.

  8. Fabio Rotondo

    Don’t get fooled: this course was recorded in 2017. Content is old, tools used have been updated and changed a lot.
    Maximilian should really reconsider recording a new version from scratch.
    Some ideas are still good, but I don’t recommend this course.

  9. Tokunboh

    Early days, But sounds nice.

  10. Dave Arendash

    Good match, yes. It seems some of the zip files provided do not match what the instructor is using, you might want to fix that. The names of them I mean. The very first few in particular. But really, this is great stuff.

  11. Loomis Connell Green

    very happy to be here, und jetzt auf deutsch, ich freue mich sehr und bin gespannt was alles noch auf mich wartet

  12. Michael Brewer

    As always, very well constructed course. Thanks.

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