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Python A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!

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Programming In Python For Data Analytics And Data Science. Learn Statistical Analysis, Data Mining And Visualization

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12 avis pour Python A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!

  1. Dennis Wauthij

    Learned a lot! Some things dind’t go really as planned. Some hints were needed to complete the homework for example. But with google on my side I was able to fix everytime in no time.
    I was able to use what I’ve learned on the data in my company. So I’m pleased with the result

  2. Jakub Katski

    – Practical examples
    – Learning by doing (homeworks, can follow with the lecturer)
    – Many interesting features explained

    – This material could be compressed in less time
    – Homework explanation films not well driven or prepared.

  3. Siddarth Balamurugan

    This was a fantastic course to get totally familiar with Python. Having taken Kirill’s course on R Programming earlier, and seeing his name on this course, it was a no-brainer to purchase this given the cheap price too!!

    Beautifully explained, with the learning curve being just the right amount of steep, and the right amount of practice material given, if you wanted to get started with learning Python and acquire sufficient expertise, I would definitely recommend this course to you! No qualms whatsoever, and I might end up visiting Hobart very soon as well 🙂

  4. Alexandria Harrison

    Very in depth but maybe a tad too much for someone coming in with zero experience. The homework exercises were hard to follow but if you’re able to do a lot of extra practice it’s a good lesson.

  5. Christian Eriksson

    Pretty good overall. You learn a lot, but there are many things that is just glanced over. The “Homework” sections cannot be done without extra Googling and research.
    Good starter anyway.

  6. Karin Choong

    This Python course by Kirill is amazing, it is easy to follow and teaches practical tips with real exercises. The materials and downloads are accurate so far. This course provide useful fundamentals Python knowledge and skills to beginners and will be able to help students pick up other Python courses after that. I really like some of the data visualisation and fine-tuning of colours on dashboard being taught in advanced visualisation. I like how Kirill will say that we will have done some slightly complex codes at times and it gave a sense of achievement upon completion. The first homework on Law of large numbers was surprising and really captivated me to complete the course.

  7. Mirka

    Kirill’s parts were trully enjoyable, the homeworks driven by the other lecturer were on contrary awfully slow paced and disorganized.
    Sometimes I was missing deeper knowledge or more info about some useful parts, even used in the homeworks – but overall it was fun.

  8. Claudia Llinares

    This course was exactly what I need! I learn in a easy way how to manage and understand data. I love the explanations and examples! I truly recommended!

  9. Avanimitra Chilla

    A good one Especially for visualization and Exclusively for data science Python

  10. Manuel Vieira Siqueira de Arantes

    It doesn’t have the same quality as the R courses, but it’s still useful. Kirill is a very good teacher and you will learn a lot.

    Homework of section 4 has data problems, making it impossible to complete the exercise as requested (unless you find and use the database from his R course).

  11. Ryan Marshall

    The core programming principles were exactly as expected: variables, loops, and logic. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy loops were to execute in Python, however.

  12. Dewald Aucamp

    The course material is good, the only problem I found is the guy doing the homework. He seems to not come prepared and changes things as he goes along. This jumping around and sometimes slight incompleteness makes it hard to get a good grip on whats going on. As he covers the homework sections, I’d like to see this fixed as itll greatly improve the course imo. Thanks

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