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Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

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Learn to build websites with HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Javascript , jQuery , Python 3 , and Django!

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12 avis pour Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

  1. Daniel Gądek

    The course gave me exactly what I was expecting. Jose explains topics really well making them easy to understand. Additional points for multiple examples! The only thing I’d like to see more of is demonstrating the current state of project in a browser during developing process. I did find some of the steps hard to imagine and I think running the project in browser several more times could help. But apart from that, it’s a great course!

  2. John Gruenewald

    Unfortunately, this course’s coverage of Django was very poor. He essentially copied and pasted code for the clone projects. He just recited code as he typed with minimal to no explanations. For a course advertised as a python and Django full stack course, this was extremely disappointing and will need to look elsewhere to understand materials.

  3. Anish Antony

    The course is well structured and the covers all the nuances of Django pretty well. Enjoyed the course and would recommend to anyone thinking looking to learn Django.

  4. Damian Salwa

    The first part was a good introduction but the clone projects are most disappointing, the version of Django is obsolete and I had to mostly support myself with the internet to find the solutions.

  5. Abhishek kumar

    This course was very informative and helpful for leaning from scratch to building a full working website.

  6. Luiz Henrique Lana

    I do think some parts lack theoretical background.
    For example, what exactly are the models?
    I do understand it’s more focused on practice, in order to, also, make it more enjoyable, but I do feel like some extra theoretical background could help better understanding what one is doing.
    Nevertheless, deeply appreciated course.

  7. Musab Alothman

    Great course, you can learn HTML and javascript from scratch and know the syntax timeline.

    Great course for python and Django too.

    I really enjoyed watching this course.

    Some Django stuff is not up to date but it’s not a big deal.

  8. Chris Dobson

    Really interesting course that’s taught well, but the video lectures are now very out of date for Django. This meant when trying to code along with them, I simply ended up writing code that doesn’t work and leads to a lot of errors. In fact, I never actually got the final project working correctly because I ended up generating errors I couldn’t debug 🙁

    As a course, it’s been a good way to get a basic understanding of the languages, but I’d have looked for a more up-to-date course rather than this one, if I’d realised Django had changed so much.

  9. Brenden Millstein


    1) This is an outdated course. Rather than update it, however, Jose Portilla released a separate course. Perhaps this is for SEO or something, but it feels slimy, like he’s trying to get us to double pay, rather than just keeping the one course updated. This is also not the only time he’s done this: he has a finance class that is totally out of date, and for which he released a second, current class but does not provide any access to those who purchased the first one.

    The outdated material matters: some of the libraries this uses aren’t supported any more, and the Regular Expression stuff in Django has been entirely replaced with the Path function. You need to spend hours debugging and getting the updated packages to work.

    2) There’s not enough theory here. There’s a lot of copying the code, which is helpful, but a lot of what Django does under the hood is magical, and this course does not explain any of that magic. That makes many of the learnings here very hard to replicate.

    Generally I find Jose Portilla a pretty good teacher, and I really wanted to like this class. But after being burned by how outdated this class was and how much time I had to spend debugging to get the newer packages to work, only to find a newer version of the class Jose Portilla also wants us to buy, AND to have this not explain the theory… this wasn’t worth it at all.

    I’ll be exploring other teachers on Udemy who keep their classes updated rather than trying to get students to double pay.

  10. Manav Pruthi

    Good course, good projects but it has old versions of frameworks so you have to learn some things by yourself

  11. Udemezue Iloabachie

    This is quite unfair. this course is so old it should be pulled especially when the instructor has an updated version. Now I need to pay for another Django course.

  12. Bhaskar

    This project is recommended for beginners who have absolutely no idea about django framework. If you have a basic understanding of python, html,css and javascript then it will be better.
    I am writing this review after one year of taking the course. I have learned basics of django from this course for my project in my work. After one year also, if I get any doubts in the basics I visit this udemy course.
    Explanation was too simple and too good

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