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Python Bootcamps: Learn Python Programming and Code Training

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Learn Python like a Professional Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications and games

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12 avis pour Python Bootcamps: Learn Python Programming and Code Training

  1. Muhammad Awais

    It has been an amazing journey, This is my very first Programming Course, I learnt a lot from it and I will go through different topics especially, functions and OOPS to have a better understanding. Thank you Jose for creating this amazing course.

  2. Kannan Muthuram

    Course is really Fantastic. Detailed Explanation given for each Section. Also Hands on Exercise at end of each topic gives confidence after learning each topic. Milestone Projects makes to think a lot while coding. Tips are also given while explaining the homework overview. Solutions are well explained. Thanks a lot.

  3. Kenan Mehmedovic

    Corso impeccabile, esposizione chiara e concisa. L’istruttore fornisce sempre un mini riassunto al termine di ogni lezione, inoltre, spesso quando tocca argomenti importanti rinvia sempre alla lezione che potrebbe aiutare nel caso qualcuno si fosse perso.

  4. Muhammad Umar

    The course was very satisfying.Thank you Instructor for designing it with such an effort.

  5. Michał Korus

    The best course I’ve ever done. Everything very well explained! The exercises included in the course are amazing. I highly recommend the course. For me, it’s a hit and miss. The best investment I could have made in learning to code!

  6. Manosh Manohar

    Beautifully explained.! Learning Python has become so easy. Thank You so much for the wonderful lectures.!!

  7. Chetan S Harihar

    The course is perfectly structured, the instructor has done a great job in teaching throughout the course and also providing practice test and projects..

  8. Ashwani kumar kaushik

    It is an amazing course. Very useful. I recommend this course to everyone, who wants to learn python from basic. Be focused and pay attention while watching this course, because every line has something useful that answers doubt in your head. So, be patient and keep practicing.
    All the best everyone!
    Have fun learning python.

  9. Emil Todorov

    When I started the course I only had brief knowledge of html, css, and javascript. The lecturer did a great job explaining the fundamentals and by the end of Section 6, I was able to start writing scripts on my own. Even though there was a lot of theory that had to be learned, the presenter managed to keep my interest. Thanks to this course I changed my plans for the future and will pursue a career in programming.

  10. Julia Wolf

    This is a very well structured detailed course. Personally, I was missing info about some syntax elements, such as @, =>, __ as well as about magic methods

  11. Richard Nganzi

    This has been a great guide to starting with Python. It comes with some Milestone Projects that really help in putting everything together. The lessons were clear and came with many examples. All in all, amazing course!

  12. Advait Gokhale

    Really good course for beginners. Starting with basic and then going all the way to creating your own projects, wonderful journey!!.
    The instructor has unique way of teaching the concepts so that they are really clear to you. A well structured course!!
    Highly recommend if anyone is interested in learning and advancing into python!!

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