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Python for beginners

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Master the fundamentals of Python while working on various usecases in easy steps

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12 avis pour Python for beginners

  1. Elijah Marshall

    I have no background with Python and this course is definitely a great start for anyone who knows another programming language. Most of the lectures I thought were very well laid out. A couple extra sections are added to give more insight of other features with the language, in particular ‘NumPy’, which I would have missed if it were not in the course but many many good topics are in this course that will help anyone get started with working with Python. Good Job!

  2. Nidamarty Sai Anirudh

    Yes it’s a perfect match for me. Bharath Thippireddy is really an awesome instructor, I didn’t see such an instructor in my life. My mom too is sometimes listening to it, and according to her he is explaining everything very coolly.

  3. Marc Damon Oliver

    I learnt a lot and lecturer is very knowledgeable on Python. I took this course was to freshen up on my python and to expand on my current skills. Lessons are bite size which I really liked. Overall good course.

  4. Harris Fu

    Most of the instructor’s examples are missing or can’t be seen

  5. Peterasp Nawzar Satarawala

    It is a great course and very well explained. However, what about the certificate of the course? Is there a certificate? Or is it not showing because Bharath hasn’t approved the assignments. If so, Bharath can you please approve my assignments so I can access my certificate as I need it. Thanks!

  6. Ramesh Ramarao

    This course is great, easy to go thru, the instruction method of Bharath sir is particularly very pleasant.

  7. Sravan Podugu

    Very good to gain much knowledge as a beginner and concepts are very understandable with easy explanation.

  8. Ratna Kumar Veerabomma (47074)

    byte and bytearray explanation is not usefull. purpose of the datatype always importent.

  9. Pranab Dash

    A great lecture with hands on exercise is a such a fun and learn experience.. Thank you Bharath..

  10. Sai Susmitha Vemulapudi

    It’s a great course. Instructor’s explanation has reached my expectations.Quiz and assignments are helping to get a grip in the topic


    In my oppinion a very good introduction to Python, at least if you have a general programming experience.

  12. Deepak Dhandole

    Udemy Tutorial is very good to understand without any prior knowledge

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