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Python for Financial Analysis using Trading Algorithms

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Learn numpy , pandas , matplotlib , quantopian , finance , and more for algorithmic trading with Python!

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12 avis pour Python for Financial Analysis using Trading Algorithms

  1. Timo Baune

    Everything was explained very neat and easy even if you have never worked with python before. I would have loved to have more Real Life experience with trading in the course especially after the problems with Quantopia. I took half a star for that because you can still understand the process and the most important things

  2. Jose Saturnino da Silva Neto

    Unfortunately, Quantopian isn’t working, so I just watched the videos of the Trading Modules and did what was possible without the module, but in general, this is one of the most complete foundation courses that I have attended online. Jose is a great teacher and explains things with good examples and in an easy way to understand. Excellent course!

  3. Joaquin Castillo

    Thorough and even-paced!

  4. Bhavinkumar Kishor Sinh Moriya

    Course is out of date. It should be mentioned in the About the course or one should update the content.

  5. Amit Tiwari

    good course for beginner

  6. Alfred Bangura

    lectures where okay

  7. Arun Hubert

    Good to understand Time series/ regression in Finance. section 12 and 13 is not current due to sunset of Quantopian

  8. Alex Ing

    A lot of the information is now out of date, since it uses legacy services that are no longer provided. Otherwise, it is a pretty decent introduction to using python for finance related subjects.

  9. Loic

    Awesome first python part, but I bought this course to algo-trade and the second part of the course is just irrelevant as referring to a platform closed 2 years ago (in 2020). Why is this course still sold?

  10. Nadeem Din

    Final sections are obsolete as Quantopian doesnt exist anymore.
    Sure the lecturer recommends using blueshift in place of Quantopian but why not just update the Course to focus on BlueShift instead?
    The course is good for a basic understanding of the topic but the final sections were dissapointing.

  11. Steve Hauswirth

    Moves too fast in the videos. Skims though subject matter as quickly as possible instead of taking the time to thoroughly explain.

  12. Seyit Uyanık

    Algo Trading part is useless because quantopian is down. It should be updated by Jose with the new corresponding material.

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