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Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass

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Learn about Data Science and Machine Learning with Python! Including Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn and more!

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12 avis pour Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass

  1. Frederick Lenihan

    Great course with a great deal of depth and breadth. I wish my math background was stronger because I got somewhat lost during the explanations of the formulas behind the various models, but I was still able to understand what the models were doing and how to implement them. Highly recommended.

  2. Harish V

    I am reviewing it after the completion of course. I enrolled many machine learning courses. All courses are fancy and focus on very few areas only. But this one is the most elaborated, equally paced course. Would like to thank the instructer. For a small sum, i got an invaluable course.

  3. Shubham I

    Helpful in building basic fundamentals. It was a good experience overall!!

  4. Thokozile T. Khosa

    It’s a very good and broad coverage. I really liked it, especially the tutorials were informative and will come in handy to look back on going forward.

  5. Tomer Nadiv

    A great introduction to the world of data science that encourages further learning and exploration 🙂

  6. Simon Knudsen

    The course was a great survey of the ML space. More hands on evaluations would have been good and some of the charts and data could have more complete real world explanations.

  7. Christopher Cordeiro

    The course is definitely a good match for anyone getting into ML. There are a few things I would nitpick though. It would be nice to see the end of the class wrap with the creation of an ML pipeline of functions that semi-automate model training and creation. Some of the presentations and sections also suffer from extreme repetition from the presenter. I can’t complain much though, I am now able to crank out ML models confidently with minimal googling.

  8. Ganesh Jagannath

    It was really good. It had a good mix of theory, coding, and practical projects at the end of many sections that help in retaining information!

  9. Aravind Viswanathan

    This is an Awesome Course. I learnt a lot for this course.
    Thank You very much sir for the detailed explanation.
    This is worth every penny that I have spent on this course.

  10. Sandra Urban

    The course was great, a lot of insights and a looooooot to learn. Maybe a little outro would have been nice, it says “See you in the next lecture” and then it’s done.
    For some situations I had questions, that haven’t been answered yet, so it was sometimes a matter of googling it until I got it. But in the end, even that was a good learning experience.

    Thanks for that course!

  11. Nidhishree U R

    It’s an amazing course for beginners as well as intermediate level ML learners. This course is kind of complete ML course. I got a proper foundation for ML. I surely recommend taking up this course.

  12. Eduard A. Stefanescu

    I really enjoyed it. It took me close to 3 months to cover everything, but it was well worth it! Thanks.

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