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Quick Introduction to Postman and API Testing for Beginners

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Get up to speed with Postman and learn REST API & testing real FAST. You learn 80% of what you need in 20% of the time.

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12 avis pour Quick Introduction to Postman and API Testing for Beginners

  1. Olufunso Oladiran

    This is a way to start a journey to an exciting training, very good time with Mr. Valentine. Really enjoyed the course I learned alot.

  2. Magdolna Nemeth

    Great and enjoyable course. Valentin is a good and knowledgeable tutor, the length of the lessons were perfect and the assignments were also very interesting. The Javascript video came in handy and helped a lot. Thank you!

  3. Anna Mayboroda

    Great course, easy instructions on assignments. Very helpful for beginners and for those who has some knowledge to get some new information. Thank you for your hard work !

  4. Umang

    It is a very good course for the beginners, I got to learn so many things in a very less time. The course content is good and the language is very clear to understand. Thank you.

  5. Jiri Noska

    The course is very good and informative. Some explanations could be more illustrative / explanatory for the people who are complete beginners, which is probably nobody if they take a course on api testing.

  6. Man Tang

    very hands on, but the newsman install could done better, I had to youtube the get the idea on how


    the content is a bit brief, i think that the contents in the video can be expanded.

  8. Prabhugurudarshan Singh

    This course was definitely worth my time. The course structure and content delivery was amazing. The assignments were so engaging that I didn’t even realize that I have reached the end of the course. I definitely learnt a lot from this course and highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to learn Postman tool.


    All the modules were explained very clear in this course. Also the Assignments given are very helpful to connect with the concepts. I higly recomment this course those who wants to quickly learn postman and API.

  10. Sajida Sadiq

    This course is very good for beginners. Used very good examples and Assignments. I like the way for assignment instruction provided step by step so there is no chance for mistakes and solution is also available if you have any issue. Amazing 🙂

  11. Reinaldo Joao Soares Dos Santos

    Estou adorando o curso, muito bem explicado e muito bem demonstrado.


    good course infact great one. He gives very good crisp information and doesn’t dwell into any unnecessary information. Must take this course for any beginner or someone who has made basic backend API or has just started using POSTMAN.

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