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React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

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Dive in and learn React.js from scratch! Learn Reactjs, Hooks, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js and way more!

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12 avis pour React 16: The Complete Course (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

  1. Mehmet Kaldirim

    That was awesome experience; Thank you…
    I just only problem while using MongoDB while creating backend app…But is ok…Because, actually before this course i had finished java backend course (spring boot, cloud , Rest API etc)…With help of your great work guys…I will be full stack , maybe an candidate software architect…I am doing my own demo project… My Way App = From Zero To Hero …Still i have 2 month more for my first year… And as an advice for other lerners …Dont forget the practice make Master…I hope i will… .After finishing my garduated project , which finally gives you a CV end of the way (JAVA+Spring + Postgress+ React + Redux + Next JS)… Thank you again for well orginized and easy to follow concept..

  2. Nagy Zoltán

    Perfect course and just before finishing updated to the latest route version. Lot of content and going deeply into details. Clear explanations and everything is split into logical sections.

  3. Redouane Ajgagal

    Great course overall, it teach more than just the basics and you going to end up with a solid understanding of react. two best i liked were redux/redux toolkit and updated react router. one star less because of the confusion the course have at the beginning, at one point you going to feel like max is just copy past the code and you will have no idea what going on. you also might feel like its way complicated and start to think to stop the course. but keep going everything will get better and all the confusion will make sense. After all this course is good, highly recommended

  4. Suryasish Paul

    I cannot recommend this course enough for someone who wishes to learn React! The course covers ALL important topics including third party libraries and packages which people expect a React developer to know and Max explains all the topics in a succinct and crisp manner. The videos are short (5-15 minutes in length on average) which makes it very easy to maintain focus. Although I will mention — I see people complaining about Max not explaining certain “Javascript” concepts or that few topics have been ill-explained — please get your basics of Javascript straight and this course will be a breeze and don’t be lazy to code along with Max while learning (this way, you will also get in a good amount of practice). Max also keeps updating the course so you can learn all the latest stuff. As a final note, please try building small interfaces and programs as often as you can during and after taking the course and take notes! That is the only way you can get the most out of any Udemy course.

  5. Alexandru Ivan

    It is a good course, which explains things in dept. It also shows a lot of patterns and best practices, presenting more than just the React features and how to use them and it is constantly updated with the latest changes in React and other libraries like React Router.

  6. Marco Ronchini

    Great and long course. A bit longer. I appreciate synthetic courses more. Maximilian is a very good tutor. I don’t understand all this popularity of react. It is a javascript library, excellent for creating graphical interfaces, components but for complex applications Angular is better. This my opinion on React is not related to the course. If you want to became master of React, buy this course. I recommend it to everybody. Thanks Max.

  7. Alinaswe Chilyabanyama

    The course was simply well detailed and explained. I would love to see Max add more lecture slides but either way the course was good and would highly recommend a beginner to take it?.

  8. Gyanendra Kumar

    I have been doing this course for sometimes and it is very amazing. He explains all the concepts in depth and with example. Also explanation is very clear. Without a doubt this course is the best course I have taken for React JS.

  9. Alona Sukhonos

    I love this course. Everything is on high level:
    1. the way of explanation
    2. dummy project examples
    3. exercises
    4. that fact that the author repeats some key-concepts from time-to-time – it helps me to memorize things better
    Thank you so much!

  10. Gabriel Damalis

    You can summarize some ideas, keeps repeating is sometimes not good.
    Love the clear example at most cases. BIG RECOMMENDATION: Please organize the course better, I had to tick a lot of items, there was videos that were not exactly along with previous section and it is clearly seen that has been updated.

    I would still recommended and thank you Max and team for preparing these materials, it has significantly helped my knowledge.

  11. Andreas Vannfält

    Great mix of theory and practice, with multiple smaller projects the course reinforces what you learn as much as possible. I knew nothing of React when I started, and I am comfortably working on my first big project now.

  12. Ramon Saviato de Matos

    An outstanding course. A great deal of care and work went into putting this course together, and it shows. Wish more courses were like this.

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