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Relational Database Design

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Learn how to create an effective relational database design to use in your IT career or even a personal project.

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12 avis pour Relational Database Design

  1. Marco Aurélio Cardoso

    Affected my review:
    Good content, but very low voice and poor capture quality, reads too much, so the class is not very much engaging.
    Did not affectec my review:
    I don’t agree with address numbers being typed as number, but it’s my opinion.
    On the subject of auditing, tables changes might be better stored as json in a single table, but this is perhaps outside the scope of the course.

  2. Jenny Zaleskin

    A lot of good information. A couple points where I needed to look up additional details, but definitely worth my time!

  3. Paul Kostiuk

    The instructor explains a large amount of information about detailed relationships in a clear way.

  4. Tushar Kashyap

    This is very good for beginners like me who have some experience in coding languages like C, Java & Python. Its quite on point but it could definitely use some more examples and hands on to expand on certain topics like “normal forms”. It gets a bit difficult to simply visualize some scenarios without some demonstrations. All in all, its a solid 4/5.

  5. Kelly Jo Horton

    I used to teach a course like this. I thought the concepts were explained very well.

  6. Athmakur Gnanaprasanna

    It is interesting, but voice is too low . so, please increase voice

  7. Data Analyst

    top tier course that teach the basic foundation when designing a database. the course cover the basics. dont expect technical on this course

  8. Vimal Kannan

    This course is really really great for those are in the very first steps of exploring database knowledge!

  9. Sai Durgaprasadburri

    can relate more with examples and it is difficult for beginners to understand. It would have been great if he can add some humour.

  10. IT Projects

    The course was actually what I needed. It broke down database design and normalization for easy understanding.

  11. Md Talha

    Nice theoretical course, all the main concepts were covered nicely.

  12. Paluru Sushank

    It is full of theory and instructor voice is little lower and sleepy. Eventhough I enjoyed the course. Thank you Ben Brumm.

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