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Responsive Web Design: HTML5 + CSS3 for Entrepreneurs 2018

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Build a coding foundation as an entrepreneur, where I’ll take you through the entire process of coding your own website

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12 avis pour Responsive Web Design: HTML5 + CSS3 for Entrepreneurs 2018

  1. Wasiq Patel

    I Really Really Loved this Course. It was Straight on to the Point and no Bluffing. Andrew is really a Great Teacher. He really emphasized basic concepts of HTML And CSS and Made it look easy instead of confusing us with Jumbo structures of Unexplained codes. After each line of code, Andrew Explained every Period. Every Reasoning and Every Functionality Clearly with Reasons! Thank you, Andrew! However, in the last Videos of this course, I felt he was kind of Rushing the Topic and was trying to End this up quickly and he was way Fast for me to understand.

  2. Arturo Mansur Jiménez

    Loved the pace and the course content. Having a real project at the end was really helpful and interactive. Great course!

  3. Subham Kar Chowdhury .

    Could have talked a bit more about other css properties maybe like grid, flex-box, etc. Overall good.

  4. Vishnu M .

    Thank you!!! I learned new things about HTML, CSS3 now I have an idea how
    webpages are created and the front-end design . once again thank you?…

  5. Enrique Arcos Pacheco

    Step by step. Well developed and organized content. Good course to learn HTML and CSS.

  6. Kimberly Lopez

    Too fast; many things are not explained as to why they are the way they are.

  7. Ruudra Patel

    Would be faster using the bootstrap, thanks for the course brushed up my CSS skills.

  8. Jayshree Bhandekar

    It’s very easy to understand. I’m happy as it helped me create my first ever web page.Thank you!

  9. Biswayan Das

    Yes, I really liked the course, which helped me for future web developement projects.

  10. Sameer Kumar Pradhan

    it was a good course to learn about html and css.

  11. Harsha Sri . J

    This course helped me to learn html and css in a easy way as the way the content presented was crisp and clear.


    I admire his teaching style. In this short period of time he presented many topics in a simple and precise manner.

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