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RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding

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Build Combat for Role Playing Game (RPG) in Unity. Tutorials Cover Code Architecture & Video Game Design.

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12 avis pour RPG Core Combat Creator: Learn Intermediate Unity C# Coding

  1. Michel Alves Almeida Leite

    It took me a while to finish this course, but I’m absolutely stunned with everything that I learned and implemented so far.
    This course gave me all I need to know to build an exciting RPG.
    I’ll definetly get the other courses of this series in the future.

  2. Tasha Bingman

    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very straight forward, the pacing was great, and it covered a lot of really fantastic RPG topics. A couple of fun recommendations would be:
    + I would like the player to be able to go into the houses (I attempted this on my own by setting up a trigger collider (cube) to remove the roof of the bldg I wanted the player to enter but I haven’t figured out how to setup my raycast to ignore the collider so my player can enter the bldg once the roof is off. (Still working on it – I think its somewhere in the playercontroller script…)
    + Adding an NPC to help me fight would be great. I know you briefly mentioned it during the enemy waypoint lecture so I plan to revisit that to try setting up an NPC on my own.

    I’ve purchased your three follow-on courses (Quests & Dialogue, Inventory, and Shops & Abilities) and am looking forward to getting started on those.

    Thank you so much for putting these courses together. During the course, I gained a greater appreciation for the benefits of keeping the project folders organized and employing best practices in coding. It was incredibly helpful when I was troubleshooting.

    Once I complete the other courses, I’ll be sure to share my project. Thank you again! 🙂

  3. Adeline

    The course is very well structured and cover a lot of unity features. There’s no dull moment, even just fixing bugs introduced in earlier courses, I still learn some new concepts. The “challenges” were really helpful in making the course much more interesting and interactive by giving the chance to the students to try implementing the features themselves rather than just blindly following the lecturer.

  4. Dorotea DB

    I’ve taken several Unity courses by so far before I moved on to this one. It’s taken me several months, but the knowledge I received would probably take me twice, if not three times as long to search for and absorb if I attempted something like this on my own. Not to mention, I’d probably get demotivated like 20 times since there would be long time without visible improvement in the project while I search for a proper solution. I learned a lot about organizing my scripts, writing clean code, separating behavior and a bunch of cool stuff that I already know will prove useful in my personal projects, RPG or other. Thank you Sam, Rick and Brian for teaching me so much! I’ll take a few days to implement some features I want to have in my game that were outside of the scope of the course and then I’m heading on to the Inventory course 😀

  5. Cliff Leung

    Having taken both the 2D/3D course, I have some reservations on buying the course when I saw that there is someone else teaching the course alongside Rick. However Sam is not a bad teacher. His lectures and explanations range from decent to excellent depending on the topic. There are several lectures where I wish he would slow down a bit and give a more in depth explanation. I would rate the course lectures 4.5 stars out of 5.

    Brian, the teaching assistant, is definitely the MVP of the course. His comments and answers throughout the Q&A section are like nuggets of gold. Brian filled in any gaps Rick and Sam may have left in the lectures. For that, I am giving this course 5 stars overall.

    Finally, I would like to add that Sam can sometimes speak way too fast, but 0.5x or 0.75x does not sound right either. You may want to use the extension for setting custom video speed on Udemy. I usually watch Sam on 0.9x or 0.95x speed. (Being able to set custom speed is one of the reasons why I prefer taking courses on Udemy rather than their website).

  6. Jeremy Lefebvre

    Great teachers, they explain things in an easy to understand way. I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the series with the additional Inventory, Dialogue & Quest, Shops & abilities. Something I’ve found with all Udemy courses is if you get stuck on something you got to get out of Udemy to truly find those answers, some of this classes are a few years old and no longer feel like there is anyone monitoring the Q&A.

  7. Octavio Ortega Novoa

    Simply the best Unity Intermediate course out there, anywhere.
    The knowledge, experience and ability to teach from this guys is simply amazing, plus the quality of the content in the course.

  8. Kyle Plamondon

    I found the course to be very in depth and tracked well. No issues following along and completing the quizes thanks to the information provided.

  9. Konstantin Kapfhammer

    I only completed 60% of this course and got to some jobs in driving simulation where I work with unity. With the knowledge of this course (and by rarely rewatching videos for topics that i don’t deal with often like animations) I can practically deal with all tasks that I need to deal with.

  10. Johnny Ferreira Birck

    Sensacional mostrou diversos assuntos com profundidade e clareza, de todos os cursos que já comprei esse foi o melhor.

  11. Elise Kidroske

    This is an excellent course. It teaches you how to work with different elements of Unity including Ray and SphereCasts, scriptable objects, and Unity events. It also teaches you good practices for game design and architecture while giving you plenty of challenges to help you understand what you learned. It also teaches you a lot of code; I noticed my coding in non-gaming areas improve while working through this class, and I really enjoyed learning more about C#. Overall, it is a great course and you won’t regret trying it!

  12. Doruk Tunaoglu

    Brilliant course because:
    – Instructors and assistants are enthusiastic
    – Good coding practices are implemented and well explained
    – Challenges & quizzes help you to self-assess what you have learned and put them into practice
    – QA section is highly responsive and they even answer/comment on some off-topic questions.
    – There are follow-up courses if you want to delve more.

    P.S.: You should take the course after completing the Unity 3D (or 2D) course of This is not a beginner course.

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