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Scala & Functional Programming Essentials | Rock the JVM

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Become a Scala programmer and get the skills you need to work with Spark, Akka, and any Scala framework!

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12 avis pour Scala & Functional Programming Essentials | Rock the JVM

  1. Alejandro

    Overall it is a good course, although some exercise sections should be explained in more detail, as you are left sometimes to do an exercise about a new concept without a proper explanation. Recommended for anyone with previous programming experience and willing to learn how cool Scala is.

  2. Abhishek Roy Chowdhury

    I don’t know java but still, this course was amazing. Scala is an advanced language to learn so be patient.

  3. Vilda Kornelija Markeviciute

    Great course!
    Only suggestion would be to have a larger project/exercise at the end of the course which would bind multiple topics together.

  4. Ramaiah Adaveni

    Explanation of many concepts in a single program is good but it’s difficult to understand for the beginners like us. Could you please explain programs on basis of individual concepts? And it will be better for us to cover in a brief manner 🙂

  5. Sridevi TALLURI

    good fundamentals of scala programming

  6. Abdulwaheed Badmus

    Excellent course. It makes me fall in love with scala. Keep up the work.

  7. Aditya Ghosh

    It could havven been made more comprehensive by adding sections like how scala codes gets compiled and executed internally. Also, how to add reference to 3rd party libraries, how to package and deploy a runnable application on server. How to connect to database or make restful calls

  8. Mateusz Szewczyk

    Awesome intro to the Scala language. Coming from Python background, it was a bit tricky at times, but all in all it was a really great experience. Additionally having some small experience with Haskell really helped, when having to grasp all the functional programming concepts.

  9. Manish Sharma

    new approach of teaching. have not seen before, very very difficult for me to grasp, but still seems very nice the way it is getting taught

  10. Nikolaos Michail

    Excellent content! This course gives a solid understanding of Scala foundations without being too overwhelming. The emphasis on exercises was vital for the course and actually helped me the most. The pace had some difficulty spikes on OOP and FP but this is inevitable due to the topics covered. I highly recommend this course!

  11. Chon Chia Ang

    Overall, this course provides a good understanding on the basic on Scala. If there is one criticism I have, it would be the Generic lesson as I feel like there were certain terminologies that were skipped over, resulting in an incomplete understanding of the topic.

  12. Luis Adrian Rodriguez Cacimiro

    El curso es muy bueno, lastisomante no tengo buen ingles y los subtitulos estan mal escritos. Pero el curso si tiene mucho material

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