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Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners

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Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG. Tutorial designed for complete beginners in Selenium testing and automation

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12 avis pour Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners

  1. Salim Mahmud Khan

    For beginners like me if it is a great course. I have learned how to create a new project from scratch.

  2. R S

    Dmitry is very good at teaching this class, I was able to understand what I was doing without getting lost.
    His English is much clearer and paced.
    He stays on point and does not get sidetracked by promoting other courses and websites.
    He keeps his courses and website references consistent and up to date.
    He personally follows up on questions asked, rather than someone who doesn’t teach the course.
    Additional course content does not get periodically added, preventing you from ever completing the course and getting your certification.
    I am really looking forward to learning from his other courses.

  3. Carmine

    Really a well done and enjoyable course. The understanding of the English language is also very good, it is really easy to understand.
    All explained well and in detail, I will buy other courses without a doubt!

  4. Maksym Budiakov

    4.5 just due to some old data (waits) which is not applicable now for new updates. Anyway this is good course for begginers.

  5. Angel Gonçalves

    This course has been very good. The explanations are clear, and I thought it was great that he showed the possible errors that can arise. Good course to learn the basics of Selenium or to review concepts.

  6. Troy West

    This course is so thorough and extremely helpful as I am moving into more automation at work. The examples are solid and clear.

  7. 真一 横田

    Anyone can follow because it starts from elementary content. The pronunciation is easy to understand, so even non-native speakers can work on it.

  8. Vera Naverniuk

    Great course, good explanation, useful examples The author even gives you some opportunity to practice which is really helpful.

  9. Daniela Manolova

    Just great! I can only recommend – easy to understand, every question that comes to my mind is answered right after. Thank you! I am starting the advanced course right after!

  10. Rosemary Hartmann

    This course is brilliant. Explanations cover everything needed and make the material extremely interesting.

  11. Ali Rezaie

    Great course, I would recommend this to anyone who is a beginner to both Selenium & Java !

  12. Grzegorz Domaradzki

    Great journey into Selenium WebDriver for beginners! Strongly recommended!

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