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Selenium WebDriver with Java +Frameworks Tutorial

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“TOP RATED #1 Master SELENIUM java 4 (Latest) course” -5 Million students learning worldWide with great collaboration

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12 avis pour Selenium WebDriver with Java +Frameworks Tutorial

  1. Bheemashankar KhadeKhade

    This course is to useful, after completing this course you will never feel like you don’t know the Automation testing. You will get good confidence and definitely you recommend this course to the known people.
    I will highly recommend this course to the people who want to switch from manual to automation.

  2. himaja darsi

    The way how the Rahul sir teaching is fabulous…I never saw before this excellent teacher…In middle of teaching how he alert his students about interview questions is awesome. The person who doesn’t know the basics also can easily understand his course. Finally say in one word the course is Remarkable.Thank you Rahul Shetty sir.

  3. Akhil Suryavamsh Suryavamsh

    Grate teaching, give some more details to understanding and the purpose of writing

  4. Ankit Sharma

    Overall it’s a good course with all the information that one needs. But there are also some little problems for the beginners like me who don’t have any knowledge about the coding world. While working on the terminal/Command Prompt there are some commands that you should know by yourself not in this course like changing the drive using cd and many more little like these problems. And one fault in this course that I found is that our instructor only shows the passed result and does not give information about what kind of errors may come while running the project whether they are in coding or in execution. And according to me, the instructor should give all the possible errors that can occur and how to fix them.
    Rest all the information is very neat and clean and easy to understand.
    Thank You.

  5. Manoj R K

    This is the best course, i gained more knowledge from this course i appreciate how he explains every concept in depth and that will increase our confidence and we will gain Passion to learn more thanks to Rahul Shetty sir

  6. Angel Francisco Lastra Torres

    This course is great if you are initiating with test automation or if you have experience (my case), the instructor explain in detail all the topics, use very nice examples, I think there is no other course like this. Very happy with the acquired knowlegde.

  7. Shubham Shrawni

    I am really glad that after all my extensive research, I chose this Selenium course over any other available in the market as the practical way of teaching and also the prompt response of queries from the trainer’s end helped me immensely in learning the contents of the course and maintained my interest to learn with the same zeal throughout. Thank You so much.

  8. Lipika Sahu

    Your teaching style is incredible.Most of the teachers 1st taught java completed then go to the selenium.but in your course you teach java through selenium.It is really nice.

  9. Richa

    best course for learning testing , they are providing best explaning vedios in such low rate . rahul shetty sir’s explanation is very easy to understand , u will never disappoint by purchasing this course .

  10. kasi viswanath

    This is the best course, i gained more knowledge from this course.
    Thank you so much sir.

  11. Ganesh Ghubade

    I have learned lots of concept. The good thing is the detailing and practical implementation which makes the concept clear.

  12. Harshit Sinha

    Best course on Selenium on Udemy as far as I know.
    Even if you are a beginner and has no prior knowledge about Java or Programming, you can pursue this course.
    Sir teaches us from scratch and we also get lifetime support for Doubt Handling which is just the cheery on the top.

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