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Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks

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Version 4 LATEST – Learn Python Programming & Selenium Python Automation from Basics to Advanced level + 5 LIVE Project

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12 avis pour Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks

  1. Deepali Basapure

    It was a great learning selenium python with Rahul sir. This course really helped me lot. Please keep up the good work and motivating us through your course and guidance. Thank you

  2. Prakash Shrestha

    It was a great learning experience. With this knowledge, I am able to build a complete end to end test automation framework using Selenium WebDriver, Python, Pytest framework, POM design, Jenkins, Logging and Reporting for the functional testing.

  3. Divi Prakash

    I started zero mind in programming languages but now am confident to attend interview and have good idea about python and pytest framework. you are just amazing person. .

  4. Mohammad Mustafa G

    Hi Mr.Rahul Shetty,

    Thanks for providing us in detailed session with clean explanation. Your content is very useful towards live project environment.

    As promised if you can send interview questions to my email I would so glad. I already sent an email to you. But there were no response from you.

    my email is :

  5. Rohit Prabhu Gupta

    It is great course for Selenium with Python. Rahul Sir make this course very easy and short. So anybody can complete course with clear understanding within short time .All topics cover with clear understanding. So it great to start Automation with this course.

  6. Mahesh Manjari

    Rahul sir, it has been a pleasure learning with you during this course, I would like to thank you for making each topic seem so simple ,

  7. coffeecakes .

    Update after completing: Still the best course out there – from personal experience at least. A section on integrating BDD would make this over the top. I had to explore other instructors JUST to get this integration, and they were terrible disappointments. Please consider adding BDD! Ideally on top of this framework (as you do in your Cypress course), if not to any degree would be really helpful!
    I thought I’d wait until the end of the course to write a review. This instructor is truly the OG of this domain. I took his Java version long time back, and that was also really good, and yet I explored through so many other courses. This one is truly a well thought out and thorough course. The logging and framework sections alone make this course worthwhile. I appreciate how the instructor really tries to get you to understand the concept, and then after integrates with the rest of the project so that the individual components make sense. So much depth and value. Obviously very VERY happy with this course. THANK YOU.

  8. Raffaelo

    Verz nice course must be watched more times, to learn it in full scale. Many information in one place 🙂

  9. Krishnaditya Rana

    The support is too slow!
    Also the end part was too mixed, i mean too much to understand all in 1 program, it would be great if each example(end_2_end/homepage etc.) was explained fully individually and later can show how to combine them and use them all under 1 program.

  10. Ajish Parasseri

    The course has been well structured. I am new to Web Automation and gave me a good idea on how to implement a framework in selenium.I suggest this course to anyone who is willing to move to Automation using python. What could have been added – maven integration also some tricks and tips for experianced resource will help.

  11. Anshuman Agrawal

    Amazing and detailed course on Python Selenium from basics to advanced covering all topics in detail.

  12. Utkarsh Nema

    i like your course very much because i like your course content and your way of teaching. The most important thing is that your voice is clear and easy to understand. Thank you so much for making such a nice course

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