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SOLID Principles: Introducing Software Architecture & Design

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Gain mastery over SOLID Principles and write clean and well-designed code in Object Oriented Languages like Java etc.

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12 avis pour SOLID Principles: Introducing Software Architecture & Design

  1. Tshepho Makgang

    good teaching filled with real scenarios that you can easily understand plus the coding examples makes things easy to grasp

  2. Sharon Modiz

    If you are just looking for an overview, this will provide it. It would be nice if the live coding sessions used alternate examples. As is, it is overly repetitive.

  3. Quang Phan

    This course explains SOLID principles with examples clearly and easy to understand. It also provides us solutions and tips for principles. For me it’s really helpful.

  4. Diego García Estrada

    I really learned a lot with this very well explained course at a conceptual and code level.

  5. Ahmed Osama

    I think the course is being conducted in a nice calm and clear manner. Also, I think it simplifies the concepts and gives very good examples.
    The only part that I had concerns about is in the last section (Dependency injection & inversion of Control), I think they need more explanation & examples to understand the benefit of something like that.
    Overall, I think the course is great, very helpful and I’d really recommend it.

  6. Steven Beyer

    Really enjoyed the clear explanation accompanied by examples. Dependency Inversion was somewhat complex and confusing. I didn’t get a clear understanding what adding the complexity of dependency inversion gained. It would be helpful to expand on why that principle exists and how it ties with the other principles.

  7. Okechukwu Bright Onwumere

    Great course for an introduction into the SOLID Principles. Worth taking

  8. Krishnanunni J S

    The concepts are very well illustrated and summarised. This course is ideal for everyone who wish to gain more undestanding over the SOLID principles.

  9. Aditya Sarat Rampalli

    The best course to understand design principles in a very clear and crisp manner. I see only two courses from the tutor on Udemy, the other one is on Regex(Regular Expressions). I wish we see more courses on Udemy or please share the details of the platform where we can find more from you.

  10. Louie G. Basalo

    A good introduction to SOLID Principles.
    Very good for beginners who’s been coding but looking for a way to improve coding quality.
    Rated 4.5 because although the explanations are great and understandable, the examples in Section 4: Liskov Substitution Principle seems not enough especially for people who only started coding.
    But overall, this is a great course.

  11. Pervej Mia .

    Good Course and Easy Approach.
    If there are more examples and live codes in each session than it will be more helpful to us.

  12. Megha Tayal

    Concept explanations and examples was good and to the point. However I was not clear with the last principle in first go. Overall it was amazing.
    Thank you Sujith.

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