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Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark

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Learn how to use Spark with Python, including Spark Streaming, Machine Learning, Spark 2.0 DataFrames and more!

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12 avis pour Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark

  1. Vineeth

    As per the course heading I have expected it have introduction to spark and cluster management setup, what is RDD and what is sparksesson, sparkcontext etc etc why are we using spark nothing is covered here.

  2. Alexander Verner

    The last three chapters were circumcised. Other than that, a very good course. The material was taught in an easy-to-understand way, and the exercises were clear and concise.

  3. Sotiris Gkouzias

    The best way to introduce yourself in the magical world of Spark! Thank you professor!

  4. Juan Briceño

    El curso me sirvio para aprender a utilizar de mejor forma Spark, aunque senti que se profundizo mas en generar maquinas virtuales las cuales solo se utilizaron para generar la ultima parte. Tambien se basa harto en ML. Me agrado que utilizara todo en conjunto y asi poder darme una nueva perspectiva de toda las herramientas que tenemos en Spark + Python

  5. Georgios Mavros

    Extremely useful! Clear and well structured.
    For better understanding of the theoretical part overviews, I suggest adding some graphs and figures along with the explanation.

  6. Kevin Moore

    The course was great. However, it was very outdated. While this didn’t cause much issue with the majority of the course, the very last project was unaccessable because Twitter had changed its api’s.

  7. Satish Kumar Pradhan

    A bit older… and also has the same structure as the machine learning using python class. Pyspark needs more work on data manipulation. Also add filter, join and pivots.

  8. Guillermo Restrepo

    Was hoping the focus would be more on Spark and manipulating data for analytics and reporting. Too much on ML

  9. Devashish Thakre

    This course does not have clear definitions for many things.
    He includes those things on the fly and he is not explaining them well.

  10. Gerard Sho Huang Wei

    Make no mistake, Jose is an exceptional instructor who can explain clearly and well. But, like others mentioned, this course is considered outdated, with very little materials on handling big data.

  11. Jenny-Youngjin Choi

    This course gives me general idea of machine learning and statistics theory behind it. highly recommend for machine learning and python beginners

  12. Jorge Sebastian Mora Lara

    Se explica bien los conceptos básicos de spark y hay bastante ejemplos para aplicarlos

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