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Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru Tutorial

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Spring Framework 5: Learn Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot 2, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data MongoDB, Hibernate

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12 avis pour Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru Tutorial

  1. Prashant Kumar Singh

    I had some inherent weakness in my coding skills which you guys have been able to resolve. You guys are way above expectations. It’s no joke to make a course like this.

  2. Abou Fofana

    The best spring boot course. I have learned many stuff from this course.
    Thank’s a lot of John Tompson

  3. Vaagn Khachatryan

    A solid introduction to the subject. Highly recommend it.

  4. Yannick Mortier

    Very thorough course, a bit rough around some places. I got a very good and deep introduction into the topic, but some places seem a bit rough and thrown together. Could have used some more polish, but I’m happy and definitely feel like more of a guru now.

  5. I La

    Rating: 3.0 out of 5
    Although, John indeed has a lot of experience, he is constantly blabbing or even repeating things 5 seconds later which shows that videos are not structured.

    There are typos all over the place which is very unprofessional and just convinces me, he wants a quick buck with this course. He makes mistakes, tells us that he is going to pause, puts us in a short annoying video break instead of editing his video. This on its own shows lazy work.

    The sound quality and volume of the videos is not consistent either. Instead of focusing on learning in every other video I have to adjust the volume.

  6. Sergey Yashunin

    Quite repetitive. Simultaneous work on multiple projects. Every lesson includes review git tasks, submit changes to git, running and debugging unit test. It makes each units longer without valuable information. It would be enough to cover unit test in dedicated section and don’t run it in every lesson.

  7. Franciszek Antoniak

    Overall: Do not buy the course, you will lose time and nerves.

    Larger description:
    Lots of outdated patterns and content. The author often doesn’t seem to grasp for himself what is going on in his code. It looks more like live coding from someone than a course where someone is supposed to teach us something. The author often uses things and says he’ll explain how they work later, which misses the point of learning because only he remembers what’s going on. There is a lot of code that doesn’t teach anything. Most of the knowledge from whole chapters could be put into 3-4 videos. Unfortunately this is not a course but a coding video. I am not saying that there is no knowledge here. In the beginning the author really tried to make it valuable. However, the further into the course, the less there is.

    The entire course should definitely not contain Thymeleaf. You can see that the author wants to use it, but doesn’t want to explain anything about it and a lot of the code is based on making a front end.
    Of course the author refers us to his thymeleaf course. But after the course description, however, I thought it would be more full-value knowledge.

    Lots of content, little knowledge, a lot of copy-paste, unfortunately I can’t compare to other courses on udemy as this is my first one.

  8. Matthew Hays

    An excellent course that lives up to its name! The course does require outside reading materials (primarily major CS design & pattern books), which I guess is necessary given the amount of content and the course context.

  9. Daniel jansen

    As a top notch beginner in java, after following a decent java learning program, this course really took my knowledge to the next level! Spring is awesome. Mostly, especially in the beginning the teacher is really explaining into detail. Somewhere in the middle the teacher goes abit to fast through the chapter (11) with less explanation, but nevertheless if you really want to learn it there is a bunch of information on the internet and the assistent teachers are realy helpfull and active. Minor problem may be that nowadays everyone uses Spring boot 3.+, it’ll give you an extra challenge to get through the course with alot of bugs to solve. Personally I really like this, because I feel like I gained so much more then the course actually provides, by looking things up, understand how certain systems work in order to get it working in spring boot 3. (mostly from maven dependencies, getting into circleCI, hibernate, JPA, but still if you have no clue what they are; you’re about to find out)

  10. Shugo

    This course is great but some of content could stay updated. Problems with dependencies is great school of working with spring.

  11. Johannes Engelmayer

    The content itself is fine and has a wide scope, maybe too wide. Splitting up the course into multiple more specific courses would be better.
    Moreover, I really don’t like the live-coding teaching style. Watching the instructor making mistakes and correcting them five videos later isn’t that instructive. An alternative could be, to collect the common mistakes and make a dedicated “common mistakes” section instead. If the live coding would be replaced with well-prepared instruction units, the total length of the course could be reduced to one third.

  12. Fredy David Agudelo Ortegon

    Very complete curse, maybe many topics out of spring, but always is well received the knowledge

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