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SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

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Understand SQL using the MySQL database. Learn Database Design and Data Analysis with Normalization and Relationships

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12 avis pour SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design

  1. Sai karthik Yellapragada

    The joins topic is a complicated one, it would have been easy to follow if those concepts where explained with smaller databases or tables instead of Cinema_booking_system.

  2. Grace Carmichael

    Landed a job because of this introduction course. Very straight forward and easy to understand. The videos kept my attention and the challenges were explained well.

  3. Pranay Bohre

    This is a very basic course and meant for those who dont know the ABC of dbms/SQL. If you know some of the concepts like join/subquery already, this might not be a good option for you.

  4. B Hemanth

    Very useful to learn Sql for beginners. The way of teaching is very understandable. I was unable to understand joins by seeing many videos in youtube but in these course He explained very well.

  5. Hannah Sedore

    Great course, and easy to follow. Thanks!

    The only thing I might add is some guidance on how to use some features of MySQL such as how to open a new query or model and how the layout works.

  6. Bartsch Robert

    This course is what I expected. I have completed other beginner courses, but I still feel I need to through some other (until I land a job and have proper experience). The course delivered on its expectations, however, some people might struggle with the way how JOINS and SUBQUERIES are explained. The lector is knowledgeable, however, not very engaging. All-in-all: good course.

  7. Anele Ngcobo

    I am enjoying the course up to so far. Its easy to follow and understand but maybe the presenter can explain a bit further linkages to the Programming Language, some of the theory. for instance, he explains the normalisation well and one almost grasps it even first time, but as a beginner who is new to SQL, when do we use it ? What is the point of it when one can just join and delete from datasets and tables based on query they want to answer. they can just select the relevant colums…

  8. Dominique Mays

    Like many other programming/coding languages, this education will serve me better the more I get to perform over time. I thought everything was explained very well.

  9. Sandro Heimann

    It was a very good course, would have loved some alternative statements that could be shown to achieve the same result.

  10. Sarath Chandran C S

    Great experience. Wonderful mentor. I was able to understand the basics of SQL. thanks Tim and Jon for this course

  11. Lakkoju Navyasri

    As a beginner these videos are very helpful to understand the concepts easily

  12. Kiran Padda

    Explanation is good, content is very useful for beginners for who are trying to get the job to crack the interviews.

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