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Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science Course

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Learn The Core Stats For A Data Science Career. Master Statistical Significance, Confidence Intervals And Much More!

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12 avis pour Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science Course

  1. Wolfgang Wachter

    Very good presentation with real life problems avoiding math-speak from text books. I wished there had been more context/topics.

  2. Adeleke Willoughby

    This is impressive, compelling, and fascinating. Up to this point, I am pressing further to learn more!

  3. Manan Choudhary

    This course must have deeper concepts. And more topics must be covered. Actually its a very beginner level. I was expecting more practical questions.

    But on the positive side, it really helped me get a firm grip on the concepts discussed in a simple way.

  4. Kannan M

    Initially understand the flow of speaking is quite difficult, then comes to core topics, the examples used and explaining way is so good and got a great leaning experience here. Thanks!!!..

  5. Mirka

    I really enjoyed the structure of the course, with lots of valuable examples and tests to verify if I understood the core concepts of each session. Also, thanks for the Tasmania footage!

  6. Koushik Pithani

    It’s a very good beginner course but missed few things apart from that everything is spot on.

  7. Yuting Wu

    amazing course!!!!! it does help me to understand many concept which other course did not explain clearly. thank you very much!!!!!!! highly recommended!!!

  8. Narinder Jeet Singh

    Comprehensively designed and well explained course.
    Excellent learning experience for me.

  9. Ajay Nimmala

    Good course to cover the basics and real time examples.

  10. Fausto Saccone

    Really good course. What I found the most important was that it trains you to develop intuition.

  11. Joao A. A. do Amaral

    wonderful course, the teacher explain very well, great examples, easy to follow

  12. Maria Elena García

    I liked so much the explanations and the distribution of the course, from very basics to more complicated.

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