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The Agile Samurai Bootcamp: Setup, Execute & Deliver Agile Projects

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Everything you need to setup, execute, and successfully deliver your own Agile project.

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12 avis pour The Agile Samurai Bootcamp: Setup, Execute & Deliver Agile Projects

  1. Christopher Schultz

    As someone new to Scrum and Agile, Jonathan broke it down so that I could understand the information coming from a non-IT/Software background. I had heard of User Stories, and Estimation and Planning, and Iteration, and coding, but I never had a good grasp on them until now.

  2. Steven Zeck

    This is definitely a good course for beginners in Agile. It goes over several different variations/concepts of Agile (Scrum, XP, Lean) and suggests how to best adapt it to individual teams’ needs.


    it has help me learn the art of story telling/writing
    Once completed- I felt that this is a great one stop source of instruction that invites you to continue searching other sources to fix your activity/project. loved it

  4. Jenn Northington

    A very helpful intro to Agile for someone who wants to start learning and decide whether or not more heavyweight (e.g. certification) programs are needed for their role.

  5. Bryan Hey

    I’m in a project team as the UIUX developer. My role in the Agile framework kinda got glossed over in the presentations. It appeared in the on-screen graphics (ie. the cluster showing the blurring of roles on the team), but it was never mentioned. I’d be curious to see materials about how to apply the Agile framework to a discipline that it less science, and more art.

  6. Sheila Mussane

    Gostei muito do curso, mas esperava que tivesse algum exemplo mais prático e continuo, para cada conceito de agile. Não me sinto muito confiante em iniciar um projecto de desenvolvimento. De qualquer das formas, gostei dos principios basicos aprendidos. Obrigada

  7. Duncan Spence

    Interesting to hear Agile myths debunked, but still some things that would be challenged in a face to face tutorial

  8. Mark Andrew Hallam

    Explaining Agile in a nice simple manner without going heavily into the values and principles..
    A nice reminder/refresher and really liked the “Are we being Agile” answers.

  9. Derrick Vuong

    The course was very easy to digest, providing a great run down on Agile and each role around it. It’s very fitting for my current team’s make up and will be adaptable.

  10. Ankur Agrawal

    Hands down THE BEST udemy course I have taken so far. Brilliant for beginners or for sr. managers who want to understand Agile without getting lost in too many details. Highly recommended.

  11. Bassam Fayez Bali

    The course is useful. It helps me to grasp this methodology and be familiar with the terminology related to it. Thank you.

  12. DeAngelo Wilkinson

    I’ve learned an immense amount thus far. There are definitely some things I’ll be adding to my tool box!

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