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The Complete Android 12 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

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Learn Android 12 App Development From Beginner to Advanced Developer. Build Apps like Trello, 7Min Workout, Weather App

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12 avis pour The Complete Android 12 & Kotlin Development Masterclass

  1. Saeed Amini

    An Amazing Course. good details and topics and very good teaching skills and smooth passing the new contexts to viewer.
    thanks for this amazing journey. wish you All the bests Dear Denise my favorite mentor.

  2. Daniel Kalicki

    Second half of the course is not updated to newest version of Android. For example, you learn about view binding in the first few projects and then abruptly there is nothing about it, if you want to use it you must do it yourself (good way of learning it too). In this second half you need to fix a bunch of things yourself, check stackoverflow and questions under videos. Most of the time it is doable and not very difficult, just very inconvenient and takes your time. I made till the end and can still recommend it, but for sure not to a person who just started programming.

  3. Howard Tankeu Tchienkoua

    Very instructive course with lots of details payed to the different functionalities of an android software. I learned alot from it and hope others will.

    The only issue I had is towards the end of the course and particularly with the final project. Some software snippets and build releases were quite old and didn’t sync will in the Build-gradle. An update to the course particularly on the last three projects will be awesome.

  4. Roman Grigorii

    I think the course is amazing because whether than teach theory it dives into writing applications. A lot of people pointed out that they are confused and stuck, but that is what writing real applications is like. You have a task, you have some idea of how to do it, and then you use all resources at your disposal to get it to work. It’s not pretty but that’s what learning is!

    The one issue I have with the course is that the lecturer often does explain WHY we do something. The WHY tends to be learned after a few iterations of doing something rather than being explained at the start. I’d really have liked to see him use analogies and examples to solidify concepts rather than stating “well, it’s complicated and it’s boiler plate code anyway – so moving on”

  5. Anthony CLOT

    I gave up on the course. (actually, twice) Lost interest and motivation, waste of time. After the Quiz Project, you don’t know anymore what/why you do things. You mostly just sit listening to what he’s doing. Barely any explanation. If you want to understand you have to make your own researched, so in the end you paid to see someone code.

    I don’t think the instructor is knowledgeable either, because he spends a HUGE amount of time on color codes, but doesn’t explain anything later. So I think it’s mostly tutorials found on internet, adapted, and sold here, without really knowing about those.

  6. Vikalp Ranjan

    Great course !! But i would defintly say this course is for the intermediate level . If you don’t know any programming logic, understanding this course would be hard for you

  7. Zackery Lim Cheon Yong

    The course content was great when it was first launched but so many codes have now been deprecated in 2023 and no updates from the instructor.

    Not as relevant in 2023 now I think.

  8. Moju Ofeoritse

    The course is informative and has a lot of details. I’m happy I took the course and because of that I’m now a developer

  9. Caroline J

    tldr; the content is comprehensive, but the older versions used are tripping me up and the course is out of date. Q&A in the lectures often deals with this, but in some cases it’s been 5 months since course tutors said that updates are on their way and more recent questions relating to updating haven’t even been answered.

    Perspective from about 1/3 of the way through the course – I’ve completed all of the foundational chapters and have made progress toward the first app – Age in Minutes Calculator. I’ve done some programming before, so I had some understanding of the concepts covered in the foundational chapters already, and I did find that this existing knowledge helped. The lectures were pretty good at explaining the concepts.
    The major issue that I have, which is constantly causing problems for me is that you are encouraged to download a specific version of Android Studio at the start of the course, but the difference between that version and the present means that it’s not behaving as presented in the videos any more. Most of the time it’s fine, but I do find myself having to hunt down answers within the course comments (from other students) or on stackoverflow where there’s no certainty that the solutions will apply to the specific settings needed for this course. What I would have liked is for the recommended versions for the course to be periodically checked and then communicated either in a note or a short video so that I can use my time for the course more productively. I’ve seen a teaching assistant say that we could just use the newest version of Android Studio and that the course “will be updated soon” (as of 4 months prior to this review), but in the mean time it can be a frustrating experience to feel like I’m making good progress on learning this stuff only to be tripped up by issues relating to the version settings being incorrect somehow.

    It is certainly an important skill to be able to research and find out how to proceed with programming problems. But in the context of a course where you learn as you code along and the content covered is so out of date that you are entirely writing different code, it stops being a tutorial. In that case (specifically for the Happy Places App), you can’t even refer to the sample code provided because the two aren’t comparable.

  10. Frieder Olpen

    I felt like it was a great start, but from section 11 onwards it is sadly not updated and the learning expirience is decreasing. You are using a lot of deprecated stuff and also the prerequisits are quite unknown sometimes because we used more modern approaches in the earlier sections.

  11. Lauri Taipale

    The Kotlin fundamentals part was pretty much basic kindergarten level programming introduction only. Not really giving much insight on Kotlin specific stuff but just explaining the very rudimentary basics of programming.

    There was way too much repetition with the really basic stuff, e.g. setting up the Activities, using Intents, building the layouts, etc. etc.

    Only fraction of the course had anything to do with Android 12, most of the stuff was done on Android 10. Also, some of the example apps relied on using findViewById() whereas others used the more modern view binding approach. Similarly, persistently storing data in one the apps was done using Room but then for some reason in the next app “manual” SQL queries and SQLite were used instead.

    Also the basic design and implementation of the apps seems quite beginner-level. E.g. no interfaces were used but instead specific Activity classes were passed directly to the adapters and in the last app to the FirestoreClass methods. And that app didn’t even use FirestoreRecyclerAdapter but instead the data was fetched and updated manually. Pretty much all nullables used in the apps were just forcefully converted to non-nullables (!!) without any type of checking or error handling.

    All in all the technologies and techniques used in the course felt quite outdated and amateurish.

    P.S. Why would “design patterns such as MVC or MVVM” (not even used in this course) only be relevant “if you want to work for a huge corporation”?

  12. Rakshit Sorathiya

    Very useful course for beginners who wish to learn and implement Kotlin without any prior knowledge in Kotlin. Nicely elaborated concepts to get better understanding of Android components.

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