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The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

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The most comprehensive Angular 4 (Angular 2+) course. Build a real e-commerce app with Angular, Firebase and Bootstrap 4

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12 avis pour The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

  1. Sudipto Sarkar2

    Course content is very good , but only point over here is angular version is old one and as in market current we are using angular 11 , so lots of changes are there in code wise as well.
    Please update the content to angular 11

  2. Shivanand Reddy

    while we are learning with other instructor’s we are getting error’s stucking there only. but in this mosh course we don’t get any error, because he’s explaining the course in-detail & he’s also instructing how to rectifying the errors in the program. he’s is a ultimate instructor

  3. Lai Thanh Tung

    This course is so details and cover enough basic knowledge and practical of angular framework. Although, demo app should improve to apply new angular version, material design combined with bootstrap 5, ngrx as state management layer.

  4. Abhishek Bharti

    Basics have been taught very well..but the project at the end of the course uses deprecated packages…SO YOU CANT CODE ALONG THE PROJECT…And the teaching assistant clearly says that the course wont be upgraded…So if you want to learn the basics its good…

  5. Oleksandr Kosii

    Author has a good understanding what he taks, but this information is out of date,a lot of resources and the approach in general don’t work because author don’t want to update course

  6. Dijana Šabotić

    This course is a complete waste of money and time! It is 2022., if you don’t wan’t to update the course, than remove it, it’s one thing to do a little research while coding with you and completely other thing to waste days to find how to change depricated code and installations. I supported the idea of me doing some research on my own, but somewhere around Section 11 it becomes unbearable. Instead of spending my time on learning something usefull, I spend hours on finding how to make firebase and js libraries compatible with angular version. I really didn’t expect this from Mosh, totally dissapointed.

  7. Anonymized User

    This course is not updated. It’s like I have to go through Q&A session after almost every video. I also couldn’t find solution to a lot of errors.

  8. Sreeja T T

    This course help me to improve the angular knowledge, unit testing portion is more good for me.

  9. Confiz Trainings

    Core concept wise it is still fine & valid but it is getting severely outdated. You should update this course to latest.

  10. Denis Hallvaxhiu

    You can learn a lot but most of the course will be self taught with yt or googling because 99% is outdates due to the new angular features.

  11. Hoangquynhanh

    It’s so clear. I really enjoyed this course. But some topics may be outdated now. Pls update this course to latest

  12. Aatif Ahmed

    It is wonderful learning with Mosh. He explain a way that clear all possible scenarios.
    Student can understand each concept clearly.

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