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The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

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Officially created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

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12 avis pour The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

  1. Elias Rahma

    The way things are explained suit me really well! I have enjoyed learning this course and from now on, I think I will be creating more mobile apps.
    The main reason I purchased this course was for my uni project. I hope I do well.

  2. Priyank Bhagat

    The course was really helpful. Even though it’s a bit outdated, I still enjoy learning and love the last video of every module when Angela gives some guidance and talks about general problems that every coder/learner faces.

  3. Aleksander Wieland

    Angela is great, but unfortunatelly it is very outdated. It will be great if it is updated.

    edit: After taking part in some other courses I see that nobody explains everything as carefully as Angela. Changed to 5 stars.

  4. vinit agrawal

    Angela is a great teacher. She knows how to explain complex stuff in an easy manner.I really like the course structure where we are asked to complete a challenge after every new topic we learn

  5. Jeet Majumder

    It was good overall and it’s really helpful for beginners but I guess now is probably the time where you should update the course.

  6. David E. Barrera

    This is the gratest course ever existed for Flutter. It’s a shame it hasn’t been updated to the latest version of Flutter (or a new course with updated material). But one of the “motivational videos” (and throughout the course) talk about reading the docs to understand how things work, skill that has helped me finish this course with Flutter v3. Kudos!

  7. Ashish Sharma

    Outdated course. It seems to be a 4 year old course that hasn’t been updated in a long long time. Current Flutter Version: 3.3.10.
    Flutter version in this course: 1.2.
    Even after completing this course, I can’t feel confident or competitive enough. No app example on how to use android features like camera, vibration, sound, etc. Not enough explanation on user authentication for Android apps. Using device storage, persisting data in a database like mongodb/sqlite. Making an app without Material Design, coz, not all apps are designed using Material Design. This is just too basic and outdated. Using Firebase is a shortcut, so that can’t count.
    Null safety in Dart???
    Many times, the code was changed and the editor cut the part out and I kept wondering about the steps that went in when the code got changed. The editing cut some parts of code changes on many occasions.
    In the Todoey app, does Android ecosystem not have the option to slide to delete. There was no feedback or visual cue for user that the task is getting deleted.
    No coverage about deployment. How to deploy a flutter app to Android and iOS. What are the possible challenges and how to overcome them?
    Please also cover, how to make the final build and deploy (flutter build).
    Flutter now supports Windows app too. So, at least one app should have been exclusively for Windows desktop too.

  8. Seungho Jang

    took 2500+ minutes to complete.

    pros: good topics, better lecture materials, and best explanation.
    cons: some (about 5%) of the lecture content is a bit outdated, but you can follow enough with stackoverflow, flutter API, and google.

    I really recommend the lecture for everyone, from the very first to programming to senior who wants to learn flutter.
    It will be a milestone that tells you how to study flutter.

    Thanks Angela!

  9. Stuart

    This course is way out of date. It started ok, but it was worthless by the last few modules. I don’t mind researching the best solution, but when it got to state management and other more advanced topics, the number of changes needed to make the code run was overwhelming. I like the instructor’s methods for the most part, but I really can’t recommend this course.


    Many parts of the code/course are outdated, even if you followed along 100% you will get a lot of errors and App won’t work, resulting in time wasted. In almost all cases, the active community helped a lot and had the solutions in Q&A, but that is not the instructor’s effort. However, the strength of this course is that it introduced all the basic and important concepts in good logical ascending steps. Could be more condensed though, takes a long time to complete, and section 16 is too confusing.

  11. Freddy Garzon

    The course is very good, however it’s a pity that is outdated (missing null safety features and so on), it would be nice to update the code and the course also!

  12. Hidayat

    i been learning a bit of web,data science,and other programming language,but i dont feel it,then im looking for mobile course that packaged and easy to learn from scratch and gonna focus on it,thank you for the course.

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