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The Complete Front-End Web Development Course

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Get started as a front-end web developer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap!

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12 avis pour The Complete Front-End Web Development Course


    Instructor was not well prepared, lot of errors and mistakes, expectations were high but disappointed and morale going down.

  2. Ionut Constantin Tudoran

    The explanation is crazy it really doesn’t have a structure to go from point A to point B. He starts to explain something then he change his mind and start with another thing an so on. If you try to learn pro active by doing the same thing with him all along you will get confused and start to loose interest.

  3. Martin De Jonge

    It is not a bad course but there are some parts where it seems like Joseph isn’t sure what is going on but a part of programming is trail and error.

    Sadly sections 10, 11 and 12 require you to go and dig around yourself because the Bootstrap he uses is outdated now and the “ytplayer.config.args.url_encoded_fmt_stream_map” is no longer available.

    I do recommend the course if you are curious enough to figure some of the things out yourself.

  4. Phazerous

    A lot of mistakes, a lot of time to solving his own problems, really not detailed explanation. This course can be helpful only for someone, who wants to understand what FrontEnd really is, but no to become a 1% of this developer

  5. Justin Marcum

    This is taught by a very knowledgeable individual, I do not doubt his programming abilities and he helped me become proficient in HTML and CSS. My only issue is the JavaScript section, its a little dicey and even though his earlier courses may not have been structured or prepared, I was still able to follow along. All the “mistakes” make it hard to understand the how and why of JS and trying to follow along makes it even more confusing. He has definitely opened the door for me learning code and I appreciate everything he’s taught me but for my way of learning I’ll need a different course for JS. Aside from that, everything else is great.

  6. Anthony Jason Johnson

    The instructor is great, he explains everything perfectly.

  7. Jordan Holley

    I enjoy the course. I do enjoy when something does go wrong and you can see him work through the problem. Sometimes when my code doesn’t work it can get discouraging.

  8. André Nunes

    Amazing and really the best course for begginers

  9. Anthony Maduka

    It was ok. I want to practice the things learnt

  10. Daniel Madar

    I thought this course is started great, but I decided ditching it.
    The content is good but the video should be re-edited.

    The instructor looks like fiddling around with values in the CSS and sometimes have a mistake or have an issue with his setup.
    There’re also some moments of silence in recording.

    These add confusion to the student and should be edited out – or even better – retaken the video from the start.

  11. Mikael Filo

    Very helpful course with real and practical examples.

  12. Shreya s

    It was a good one for beginner to know the basic things to develop web designing.

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