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The Complete iOS 10 & Swift 3 Developer Course

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Learn iOS App Development by building 21 iOS apps using Swift 3 & Xcode 8. Includes free web hosting, assets & ebook.

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12 avis pour The Complete iOS 10 & Swift 3 Developer Course

  1. David Nitzsche-Bell

    The videos have several “takes” in them….makes it hard to follow when the instructor says something 2-3 times. This should be edited out….

  2. Steve Goldsmith

    Unit 111 Parse Server is very tedious for the modern world. I was unable to achieve the connect, because browsers no longer allow java SSH clients. The alternative (standalone SSH) in my opinion is not easy to do…tedious solution in this modern world. Terminal for Mac smells of DOS that we had to use 30 years ago!

  3. Daniela

    Everything is explained in a clear and simple way. Furthermore, I’m italian and it’s a bit difficult for me to understand everything, but he speaks clearly and slowly and I can go on.

  4. Marian König

    Ein wirklicher sehr guter Kurs um die Basics von Swift 3 und die Handhabung von XCode und iOS – Features zu lernen.
    Ich bin begeistert. Danke Rob.

  5. Milos Hovjecki


    I am now spending hours and hours troubleshooting every new lesson. I know that it is a good thing to learn how to troubleshoot also, but first i would like to learn how to code. I am really loosing my patience with this course by little every new day. Also for a some questions i didn’t receive an answer at all, and i had 4 questions overall from the beginning. I am lowering my evaluation with every new post it seams…

    Rob do something please, update your lessons, they are too buggy right now.


    I am now half way throughout the course and i have observed that, even dough Rob is a good teacher, he is skipping some details. This could be very overwhelming when you are a complete beginner, but with a help of google and Apple’s WWDC videos i have managed to overcome these problems. It definitely bothers me that form time to time there is an expression “Google it”. Ok if i wanted to google anything i wouldn’t need to buy this course.

    Also, it would be better to make one usable app in every section then to make 10 unusable apps in each section. I think that in one app you can cover all necessary knowledge and at the end of each section you get better and better apps. Then you can say “This is what i made”…

    So definitely this is a good course but it needs some fine tuning.

  6. Oscar Sandoval

    Covers all the basics and is learnable even from someone who has been coding for less than a month coming in. He delivers the perfect mix of practice and lecture.

    My only complaint is as an advanced beginner who had already dipped my toes into the more advanced Stanford course on youtube, I noticed certain things he did that would be considered bad practice, and the fact that he never even mentioned them makes me wonder what other things he skipped over that I myself am unaware of but are important to know. It would have been nice to have been at least told “On a production app you would want to do xyz, we don’t have time togo into it but you can look it up for yourself if your interested.”

  7. Leonard Lopatic

    The course is awesome! If one really want to learn programming for iPhone, then the one should take this course! Rob, thank you for your great effort you invested in this course! Rob is great teacher – you build new knowledge based on learned one and the course shows how to learn from errors which are normal in programming – Rob solves naturally produced errors and from this we can profit a lot!

    Best Regards and Big Thanks, Rob!

  8. 李慈農

    I’m a beginner to coding and this course is very helpful for me to learn. I just finished learning Flappy Birds and so far Rob has explained clearly in every course. Sometimes I still need to pause and think through some of the steps, but I think it’s necessary if I want to write my own app in the future. Hope to see more courses about swift and Xcode from Rob!

  9. Hedzer Kingma

    The content is pretty good and the method as well, however to earn a higher rating for me would need to skip unnecessary tweaking of the layout all the time which would speed up my learning

    update of rating: I realise I have been to harse, I learned so much!

  10. Ronald Sequeira

    Great course, thank you Rob! Tremendous value and worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn iOS 10 and Swift 3. No prior coding experience required. I look forward to taking another of Rob’s courses.
    Happy coding,


  11. Irith Katiyar

    This was an amazing course for me! I was a complete beginner to Swift and Xcode and this course helped me gain the right knowledge to create IOS apps. The instructor walks through everything with you and you get to create many different apps which are super cool, starting out simple and ending up complex! The instructor made the course fun and clear and this really helped me gain my foundation for Swift and Xcode. Even now, I can always reference this course when I am stuck on an issue or I forgot how to do something. Love this course and would highly recommend it!

  12. George

    It is outdated.

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