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The Complete Java Development Certification Course

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Become a confident industry ready core Java developer and get certified as a Java professional!

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12 avis pour The Complete Java Development Certification Course

  1. Omkar Chinchkar

    Excellent course, before completing this course, My basic primary skills were C and C++. So as a fresher I was not able to get a good job, after completing this course I can consider Java as my primary language and also got a good job as a software developer.

  2. Shreya Ghantasala

    The course is going pretty well, but in some videos, the instructor uses more complex terms that are not easily understandable, reducing my capacity to grasp the concept more accurately.

  3. Harris Bin Nazman

    Good course by Imtiaz. Thank you so much for the knowledge given. Wish me luck for my future endeavors.

  4. Nauman Farooq

    This course is clearly defined. Respected Imtiaz handled the explanation of each line of code during nearly the entire lecture. However, when it comes to the advanced sections of this course, it might be a little difficult for someone with kids and a busy work schedule to understand the concepts. Overall though, this course gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and become a professional Java developer.
    Thanks to Udemy and the whole team who created this course.

  5. Jennifer Hyland

    Great teacher. Very easy to understand and he walks through the complicated elements slowly so you don’t miss anything. I will be taking other courses from him in the future.

  6. S S V M S Yaji Suravarapu

    The way Imtiaz made sure that the concepts are really “drilled” into our brains by repeating the concepts over and over again at their every occurrence is the best part for me personally in this course. Other than that I am a beginner and I feel 20% confident (which is a lot for me) to go ahead and solve real world coding questions. now, it all comes down to my practice. I personally felt completely satiated taking this course. Thank you so much Imtiaz

  7. Steven II Heath

    It’s a decent Java course, but for a “complete” Certification course, I wanted it to go deeper. The last topics where it did (Lambdas) the instructor went flying through it, and I wish there was another Practical Project at the end that made us of Lambdas. The other advanced topic regarding multi-threading though was well done, and extremely interesting as I had never considered the topic in programming.

    I do like how they started right with classes though. This is not my first language, so I didn’t want to go through the basics, and not much time is spent on the very basic CS procedural topics. Having finished a C++ course before this one, it was nice to relate where things I learned connected and differed only in Syntax.

    Overall, a good experience. But I can’t quite give it a five as I wasn’t able to take away as much as I would like away from the course as inspiration for future programming approaches.

  8. Logan Block

    Great course to bring you from 0 to a good knowledge of Java. If you have prior experience in C# or other statically typed languages you can skip through parts of the course as there are many similarities. Imtiaz does a great job of reviewing what he has taught as well as covering some of the object oriented principles. overall highly recommend the course!

  9. Jacob White

    very clear and detailed instructions, i have learned other languages before but even hadn’t i feel as though the experience would still be the same for me this far

  10. Shubham Kumar

    the course was well structured with good practice projects (but some parts like predefined functional interface , streams , internationalization and junit are not covered ) , everything else was learner friendly

  11. Clermont Mafenya

    Great course very informative, If you guys could provide more information for windows users that would be great.

  12. Pedro Veloso

    Good quality course, but he repeat himself a lot, turning into a boring video that could be more dynamic. Each 20 minutes video could be done in 10. Another hint is that you should separate the theory from the practice, that way, who already is familiarized with the concept, doesn’t need to watch the entire thing.

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