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The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

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Learn Node.js by building real-world applications with Node JS, Express, MongoDB, Jest, and more!

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12 avis pour The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

  1. Dee

    Amazing Job really well done course you can see how much work Andrew put into making it seamless. great job looking forward to your graphql course

  2. Dorsa Tayebipour

    This instructor is supposed to answer the questions and also update his video while the interface of the tools has been changed. but unfortunately he has not done any of them. If he still gets paid, it’s better to support the students.

  3. Anurag Rajendra Dhote

    What a course! Andrew managed to keep me interested throughout the class through the little challenges he would give and his clear and concise way of teaching. Would definitely recommend it to those who want to learn Node.js!

  4. Saket Vaibhav

    What an AMAZING course! I’ve always loved JS but now my love for it has increased all the more. Andrew has explained things very well! I learnt a lot more than I had initially expected. I could see within days of starting this course that I had already begun to make full use of it. At work, I’ve made tools to make people’s lives much easier. I started this course 2 weeks ago and I’ve made sure to dedicate time to it everyday. I haven’t once felt like I need to take a break. Andrew made this course VERY interesting. To anyone wanting to learn Node, I recommend this course to you.

  5. Jhon Erick Santos

    Nice course , I like how Andrew explains the function separately of the principal project executing just that code , in general is a good course for learn to scratch

  6. Abhishek Buragohain

    Great course !! Learned a lot, not just about Node but about several real-world implementation details like storing passwords securely, authorization, using web sockets, etc. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Node in a practical manner. If the course is updated in the future, I would prefer some sections on more core Node feature like thread pools, pipes, event emitters, etc.

  7. Naveen Kumar

    Excellent job done by instructor of the course Andrew mead. it would be great if help is available through Q&A section of the course. maybe its because it’s quiet a while now since the course has been uploaded. try to finish asap.

  8. Ali Raza

    The best thing about this course is you start building everything from scratch with the instructor, and you end up implementing most of the stuff yourself through the little challenges during the course. I am curious how Andrew came to know about the question in my mind and started explaining it right away during the course. Overall the course is well structured. I implemented everything using the ES6 modules and all the latest packages. I did not face any hurdles.

  9. Birkaran Singh

    Aroused interest in learning a new Tech, really nice way of making complex things seem simple.

  10. A R

    This course is definitely one of the best courses I ever took! Andrew’s explanation is very clear and detailed. His team is very supportive.

  11. Oliver S.

    Very well designed course path, and explaining general key skills (e.g., git) aside at the appropriate places in the curriculum.

  12. Shahrukh Shamim

    Very good and detailed. The instructor was careful and never left anything unexplained (even the tests) so nobody was left behind. However since I have a programming background, I often find myself not interested in some topics like styling.

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