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The Complete Oracle SQL Bootcamp (2023)

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Become an In-demand SQL Professional! Pass Oracle SQL 1Z0-071 (OCA) Certification Exam Confidently!

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12 avis pour The Complete Oracle SQL Bootcamp (2023)

  1. Daniel Eguakhide

    I am new to Oracle SQL databases. I needed some tech courses to complement my accounting profession and tried different ones from python to cyber security, but was not seeing the link to my profession as I did not want to drop my experiences completely. Someone recommended Oracle SQL database and the choice, of course, was excellent. Perfect delivery and concise. Practical and relevant in the real live workplace. I would further in the advanced SQL. Great work!

  2. Juan Luis

    Outstanding course.

    Really good materials and explanations for the instructor (he also answers any question really quickly and master the subject).
    There many examples through the courses that helps you to cement the topics learned. You will definitely get an advanced level in SQL.

    Thanks Omar!!!

  3. Ehab Ehab Elessawi

    its a very good one full of info and i would like to have the email which i can use to send any question or if i have a clarification about my next move or preferred next course after this one as this is my main concern

  4. Rushikesh Bapu Jadhav

    Outstanding, it was really one of the best courses for the sql. You explained all the concept very well from basic to the advanced level. So , hats off to your content, it was awesome ?, you cleared all doubts in this course, along with this you also explain how to resolve the error. And explain almost everything. So, I just say it was the perfect courses for beginner to advanced people. Also , In this course only some topics are missing like DCL commands and window functions. , so I would like to request you that , you should add these topics . It will be very helpful, I hope you will add it soon Thanks in advance.. Once again thank you so much for making such wonderful courses content ✨️ .

  5. Sai Tejasvi

    This is by far the best course on SQL, the instructor is very very knowledgeable in the subject. I really like the way the course was implemented. many many thanks.

  6. Chaanyah Laborde

    Great course, but you’re missing practice exams for each section of the course, writing down the queries is a good practice, but I feel like people would learn and understand the concept more if there were practice exams for each section.

  7. Prashant Jadhav

    I would recommend this course who is totally new to SQL. The concepts are explained in detail and the course material is also good.

  8. Brian Lehman

    I liked it a lot. Great supplemental with the exam book and went into more detail than I believe was needed, but for a fuller understanding. I do wish it was a bit more clear on what exactly was necessary versus unnecessary information for the test because the course is very long.

    The only other thing I saw was I don’t think it went over Temporary Tables which I believe is necessary for the test looking at the exam topics. The exam itself might’ve changed recently as my exam book also didn’t cover Temporary Tables. I do believe I have enough information to pass the exam now though. Will update after I take it soon. A must take course! And definitely look at their other courses if you’d like to know more information on Oracle’s SQL

  9. Alberto García Molina

    Excellent course. Really thorough, well thought and well structured. It doesn’t take anything for granted and goes into the smallest details and tricks you might have never thought of. I have been working with SQL for a few years and I was able to learn many subtle aspects I which I didn’t know existed. Overall very comprehensive and totally worth it. Congratulations to the instructor.

  10. Prajyot Mohite

    The course teaches a lot of things but there are no practice questions.

  11. Hovsep Astepanian

    This is by far the best course on SQL,I would recommend this course who is totally new to SQL the instructor is very very knowledgeable in the subject many many thanks. ???

  12. Sakshi Gupta

    this course made me understand what SQL is and how it can be useful in building my career.

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