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The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Online

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Don’t Just Learn the SQL Language, Become Job-Ready and Launch Your Career as a Certified Oracle SQL Developer!

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12 avis pour The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Online

  1. Ajay Kumar Verma

    good for beginners, but only concern is intermediate topics are not taught in depth like joins, case statements etc., joins is like he just intoduced it and repeating that again in different ways but if he tried to give good example questions using joins , it would have been very helpful

  2. Duong Nguyen

    The instructor IS good. However, compared to other courses I have purchased (including MySQL), for value comparison, not worth the full price.

  3. Alexis Peoples

    I think Imtiaz did an amazing job explaining these concepts. The constant examples and repetition of previous topics really helped solidify my understanding of everything. Great course!

  4. Willy Lau

    The tutor is great and the contents are great. Just my personal issue, the tutorial screen can be maximum if the PC desktop (at the application background) has no information about the course.

  5. Durga Rao Chodi

    Concepts at the basic level were well explained, but advanced concepts could have been clarified a little more with good examples.

  6. Md Majid Zafar

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks For everything i love to this course because of you.

  7. Cindy Bosman

    eigenlijk vrij simpel allemaal, uitleg mag wel wat compacter naar mijn mening

  8. Suraj Atkari

    It was a great experience the way Imtiaz taught the SQL commands with examples. Great tutor and strategic learning path for SQL Learning.

    Must have course for the SQL new bees!!

  9. Ondřej Častoral

    Overall it was a good course, the way the concepts were explained was easily understandable, it covers the basics of SQL pretty well, there are only two cons: no comprehensive assigments, the assignments mostly limited to one or two commands so it was not really complex and the second con is that the course covers basics but definitely will not be sufficient if you aim to get ORACLE certification

  10. Le Anh Tuan ㅤ

    Has not covered every aspects of the exam, but full-filled my expectation overall

  11. Anusha Angadi

    It would be more helpful if practice data sets or queries or quizzes were given for this section rather than just directing us to a website and asking to practice on our own. We need data sets, we need practice queries or quizzes from someone who is experienced. If we had to google and get it, we did not have to pay for this! No doubt you are a great teacher but just asking to refer some website and practice on own did not help.

  12. Jaka Fabijan

    Some lectures are really long with small amount of content. It’s easy to lose focus and motivation. Also there is not enough posibilities to practice alone in the course evironment, because there are only two tables, conected by only one key and you can not try new things by yourself, so you need to find a new environment or new tables to do it. Explanation in overall is good.

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