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The Complete PL/SQL Bootcamp : « Beginner to Advanced PL/SQL »

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A Comprehensive Guide to Make You a Job-Ready PL/SQL Developer.Also Covers Oracle 1Z0-144 and 1Z0-149 PL SQL Exam Topics

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12 avis pour The Complete PL/SQL Bootcamp : « Beginner to Advanced PL/SQL »

  1. Mohd Naqui Qureshi

    This course is amazing. All the topics are well explained theoretically and practically. Recommend this if you want to start your PL/SQL journey.

  2. Treshagaye Ustanny

    This course on PL/SQL was the most thorough course I’ve done on UDEMY. My head is still spinning with the information. It was my first introduction to PL/SQL and it was a lot to take in over a couple of weeks. I know I’ll be coming back to this course as a resource over and over again. I appreciated the code samples after each video, which helped me overcome a lot of frustration and get through the course more quickly. I also appreciated the walkthrough for downloading software at the beginning and end of the course. I am a lot more confident about SQL and PL/SQL and I’m looking forward to working in this area. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to attain mastery in PL/SQL.

  3. Morgan Sheafer

    Very helpful and informative. I use PL/SQL as a developer in my job, and this has helped me fill in some gaps that I was missing in my understanding.

  4. Swapnil Patil

    Thanks a lot for this amazing course !!
    I have learnt so many things from this course in a very easy way. Also, thanks for all the codes and resources attached, those are helpful for doing hands-on.

  5. Manuel Sanchez

    As somebody who already knew Transact SQL and needed to speed up to PL/SQL it was an OKAY course. To be honest, Oracle’s syntax looks very archaic and too redundant. Also, the instructor says that names should be descriptive and goes to name « emps » when you could very well write « employees » and many more like that. Also, I cannot believe how much the instructor wants to rely on triggers. I discourage that kind of approach. Not the best approaches on many topics, but it was enough to map what I already knew to the oracle environment

  6. César Augusto Vega Lizarazo

    Excellent tutor. He knows the subject very well and also the concepts are well-understood. Note: The translation into Spanish is regular. Udemy should pay more attention.

  7. Tanmay Borde

    Great course, the tutor covered all nuances. The Only suggestion I have is that make the lectures less stretched. But overall, good to see a tutor going in-depth with the topic, so much so that you can consider this course as an alternative to the actual reference book.

  8. Anja Heimdal

    Im taking this course as a brush-up after being away from Oracle some years
    And i do like the speed. It’s detailed but not overly slow and focus on practical lots coding examples. I really enjoy it.
    I would like some more code challenges to try out tho – to practice each chapter without being guided.

  9. Pratik Kakade

    Some example taken are a bit harder to understand as a fresher to this course. Might have explain the same concept using simple and easy examples.

  10. Péter Kertai

    The course was clear and easy to understand.
    Coding challanges would be a nice addition to the course in my opinion.

  11. Mohammed Othman

    You make PL/SQL real easy.
    On the other hand I expect even more content in this course.

  12. Vipin Mehta

    Detailed explanation, one can easily understand the use cases for each and with little practice one can get strong in all the concepts.

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