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The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing in 2023

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Go from Beginner to Expert in Python by building projects. The best investment for your Python journey!

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12 avis pour The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing in 2023

  1. Marsh N

    I’m really glad I chose this Python course. The lessons are well organised, clear and concise. The lessons move forward at a good pace – I watched at 1.5x speed. The course materials are well organised and easily accessible. I also liked that the course can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Thank you Jose and the team.

  2. Rinchen Bidha

    it was a good one but at some point, it looks complicated for absolute python beginner like me. Rest all good as per my opinion .

  3. Marcin Lichwa

    Outstanding work, the choice of topics, the flow, the community (I strongly recommend going through Q&A section on each lesson) it’s a beginner’s « must have ». And yeah, I would love to see an ultimate mighty overkill masterclass on Python 3.11. From all the Udemy’s courses I went through, it’s a top tier (have to mention Tim Buchalka here, he’s a top man as well, maybe some co-op?) Anyway, well done.

  4. Sergei Soldatov

    Good course but requires some level of self-education. Concepts provided on the fly so if you are new to the topic then you have to read more details in other resources (books or articles) or watch additional videos (on YouTube) and practice.

    But course coverage is quite good, I especially liked how decorators were presented.

    One additional note – course was created 4 years ago so it is starting to become not actual. It is acceptable for introductory courses since Python basics did not change but some areas look a bit different now.

  5. Simple Code

    He is talking very clearly and makes sure we’ll understand averting, so you get the feeling he actually wants you to succeed and not just see the videos

  6. Andrew Gleeson

    As a programmer returning to the industry after a long break it is just what I needed. The subjects are clearly explained and the range of topics covered is excellent

  7. Pop David-Gabriel

    Spot on! Clearly explaining all the points. Pacing is slightly slow, but the video speed makes out for it. It is especially great for beginners in programming as a whole! Would 100% recommend.

  8. Neil Tucker

    Very clear and comprehensive. Discussion stays on topic so that you can get through the material quickly if you want to. Presented in an interesting and up beat manner that was easy to follow. Really great thanks.

  9. Tristan Sargent

    This course is very comprehensive and covers a ton of different packages both native and not to python. Jose is a fantastic teacher that goes very in depth and is easy to understand. 5/5 course for someone brand new to python.

  10. Yooluti Phalyngki

    Learn alot. This is the only python course that I bought (about 5-10 courses) that got me to complete the whole courses. I am very fond of the way Jose teach this python courses. Thanks.

  11. Kalala Arsène

    With this course, she made me love programming. Even when it feels difficult or unreacheable, just stick with it

  12. Marta Sasvari-Mihaly

    This was a really great course for someone who never do any programming at all (prboably it’s could be usefull for someone who know programming as well). It gave me a really wide spectrum about the usage of python so I can decide what direction I want to go. Some parts was a bit challenging for me but Jose’s explanations make them understandable.
    Thanks for the course!

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