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The Complete Python Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced

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Learn Python with projects covering game & web development, web scraping, MongoDB, Django, PyQt, and data visualization!

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12 avis pour The Complete Python Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced

  1. Ivaylo Vasilev

    Awesome and very useful course! It gives us a lot of aspects about programming with Python and plenty of information and options to further continue learning this programming language or improving our skills. Nick Germaine is a fantastic instructor and learning under his guidance is fun.
    Only Section 9: Web Development with is currently very outdated and I suggest everyone to watch it briefly and continue further to focus on the other modules.

  2. Samee Rozario

    Very bad! Everything is outdated! None of this stuff works! The instructor doesn’t even help you! Scam! Guys this is all made in 2016! This was a big scam!

  3. Gorge Jara

    A bit fast and jumps into a magic creating game very quickly but basics are there and I feel like I am learning something. Mostly following and figuring it out as well. there are times when there is code added but no video showing when it was added and a lot of times there are changes without really explained why it was made. if anything, it seems like we are figuring it out at the same time the author was. although I did learn classes and some basics from just watching, I couldn’t finish the course and moved on to something else. I have some background in different languages and this was time consuming to follow.

  4. Rami-D

    there is a lot of useful data in this course and the instruction are clear, how ever each subject is partly explained, only the used command and not how to use the library or it’s purpose.
    overall, it’s a great cousrse.

  5. Suraj Patil

    Very good information about coding and easy to understand but only one thing is that they show the practical on linux or Mac OS if the there is different section of praticals on windows included in this course then it will be very great because some of the users like me use windows so plz if you can then do some work on that but overall a great experience.

  6. Jan-Willem Oudendal

    It was my stupid mistake to purchase this course which is very old! I am trying to find the latest details based on the old instructions but spend to many hours re MongoDB. So next time I will for sure purchase only courses which are up-to-date

  7. Noa Ido

    Where is all the course material? the documents? it’s not updated.
    The RPG Battle project was extremely messy.
    Not satisfied from the course content.

  8. Deepak Pandey

    I expected better and more in-depth tutorials on the requests module.

  9. Yurii Bliman

    In general, the course is pretty good but partially outdated. 🙁

  10. Rajashekar makolu

    it is good but not a clear explanation.

  11. Sheriff

    it is incredybule so i thing evrey one should like and subscribe
    thank you

  12. Dovi Yarmush

    Goes very quickly, would be easier to follow if he went a little slower. Also if I didn’t know OOP it would be harder to understand how or why things are working/happening

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