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The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

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Learn how to build and launch React web applications using React, Redux, Webpack, React-Router, and more!

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12 avis pour The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

  1. Dusan Milenkovic

    Andrew was amazing in this one, as in all other courses! Took all of his courses, and what I found an interesting thing was the fact that from this course, which is the one slightly out of date, I learned the most, out of any. That is because I used the latest versions of libraries, and I had to explore documentation in order for setting everything up, and using it. None should be afraid though, even if it is a small time consumer, everything will be great, because of the understandable analogies to Andrew’s lectures and help of the insane Mead community in Q&A! I believe I appreciate this one the most. There is no strength without a struggle! High recommendations to everyone! Glad that I am a part of Mead’s army.

  2. Jax Cichocki

    Even as a senior developer just trying to get more familiar with React I learnt quite a bit more and have a better understanding of key JS features.

  3. Rémi Molinero

    First of all, know that I’m a big fan of andrew’s teaching.
    I followed several of his courses and they’re all great.

    BUT, the point is that this course is just a big waste of time, everything is way beyond outdated and you have to spend a huge a mount of time to figure how to replace everything by more modern and recommended approaches…
    Sometimes it’s not that difficult if you are used to learn by yourself browsing the docs but if you are not that kind of person, or anyway for the most other moments ( especially, the testing part with enzyme, which is claimed as dead by their maintainers ) it’s a huge pain in the *** and it’s counter productive to follow the course and then try to fix everything…

    One more important thing is that, one or two years ago, at least we had andrew and his TA answering everything in the Q&A section to help out for every problem we could encounter… That’s not the case anymore. I mean, I don’t know what happened for them, and I hope they’re okay, but no one answer anything for a long time now…

    So yeah, do not buy this course as of 2022 or later, waste of money, waste of time until andrew update everything and if he does it i’m sure it will be a five star courses like it was when it came up.

    We need udemy to add the date of the original release of courses, I got “scammed” like this with several courses where the teachers added “2022” in the title ( at least that’s not the case here) with little or no update at all when the course was originaly released like in 2018 or so… That’s a huge problem.

  4. Clif Jackson

    I thought he did a great job explaining complex topics without being condescending. The code challenges helped “get your hands dirty”.

  5. Sean McCarthy

    This course so far has been a great intro to React. My single complaint is due to the age there ends up being some serious package management issues surrounding using sass-loader and node-sass for some operating systems- and probably quite a few OS have this issue based on the number of times that question is asked in the Q/A. A follow up video should be added to help address some of these since this caused a few hour long debug process for me trying to use the recommended packages.

  6. Vaidas Gudukas

    Tutorial is very outdated.. but if you want to remember how React worked in early 2000, so this tutorial for you.

    I would like to thank “Edward” who commented on almost all the videos. Thanks to him I managed to get through these tutorials with React v18

    Not gonna lie.. this tutorial took the most time.

  7. M NA

    Want to learn REACT then look no further – in depth course with hands-on activities and theory explained well.

  8. Indranil Das3

    The concepts could have been explained in a simpler way, it felt there is too much unnecessary talking. Overall the course is good and it is a complete course for react.

  9. A. Bjorklund

    Your other classes were great. This class is good but alot of outdated issues. Not sure if my React is using the current standard coding.

  10. Lain Panda

    This course was quite useful and interesting, although a lot of topics were outdated. I was able to workaround most of the time thanks to Edward who posted his solutions in the comments below each video, but I had to skip half of the component testing and nearly all of the authentication part.

  11. Lon Koenig

    I’m coming in without much knowledge of ES6. So this has helped a lot there. I’m treating the second half as more of a syllabus – I’m using current versions of the tooling and sometimes alternate modules because some things just aren’t supported. But this has proven an excellent exercise in learning the differences in code bases. However it greatly increases the time to complete the course.

  12. Erlend Krogstad

    Quite a good course. Good explanation on different topics making it easier to understand. Due for an update though.

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