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The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

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Understand React Native with Hooks, Context, and React Navigation.

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12 avis pour The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

  1. Shishir Jain

    The course is the best one i have ever scene . it covers the industry standards very well . code snippets are up to the quality standard. topic coverage is nowhere visible in missing. Amazing , above expecatations!

  2. Fabio Monti

    The best start point to dev. an app!

    I don’t give 5on5 for low audio problems, sometimes I had to put subtitles to understand what he was saying.

  3. Han-Nung Lin

    I learnt a lot about React Native and Context, thought the ReactNative concepts was explained well and makes a good foundation to build up on.

    the Context part I had to draw myself diagrams and now i know Context really well. I like how the course was broken down into sections (instead of one monolithic project), each producing mini exercise that assist with the learning, breaking down each concept and you can go back to them for reference.

    I learnt how to read official documentation; specifically i learnt to upgrade reactnavigation from v4 to v6 (latest).

    i really like doing Stephen Grider courses as I feel he goes indepth into the course topics and he teaches and explains concepts properly (even when i play videos at 2x speed)

    i found the udemy Q&A answers super helpful.

    thank you, was amazing to learn ReactNative from you Stephen. you are a really good mentor.

  4. Zane Oliver

    There’s a lot more that could be added into this course, like including how to export and publish our apps and maybe a bit more on styling and how to make your views adapt to different devices.

  5. Luis Ángel Martínez Cumpean

    I’d leave the whole 5 stars since it’s a very well made course, but it seems to be lacking some lessons or even sections at the end judging by the last diagrams provided by the instructor.

    Nevertheless I’m satisfied with the course content overall.

  6. Uche Agba

    Yes, it’s a good match for me. I am taking the course as a bootcamp course for me to understand react native and start building mobile apps. I am excited at the level of knowledge I am getting. Thanks Stephen

  7. Gisela Amato

    Muy buen curso, aunque creo que es hora de actualizarlo como sucedió con el curso “Modern React with Redux Update 2023”

  8. Tanuj Prajapati

    I have seen your 3 sections of react-native yet and it seems like ooh yes it’s very easy so that’s why I’m giving you 5 star.

  9. Narendra Somnath Naik

    I had some months of experience with ReactJS so this course was easy for me to consume. This course is soley focused on project building which is a great thing, we learn alot while building real world projects, but somewhere I feel that if Stephen could explain complex topics more simplistically I would go for a 5 star rating. Overall, it’s the best course for React Native.

  10. Erik Hildingsson

    Stephen is great but the course is a little bit outdated. Once in a while there will be some dependencies that don’t work, and you are prompted with the correct updated dependencies and code, which works okay most of the time, but still sort of annoying. Also the last 16 hours are not nescessary for most people. Overall worth it but could be improved a lot by putting in some time to record a new version of it.

  11. Mokhtar Mohyeldeen

    Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and this course, just like all his other courses, is highly informative, intelligent, comprehensive, and very well structured.

  12. Sulaiman A. Barry

    Steven did extremely well in this course. It’s one of the best resources you will find out there.

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