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The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

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Master WordPress with this Complete WordPress Course, without learning how to code and without any programming!

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12 avis pour The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

  1. George Macharia

    Thank you so much Gregg for the course. I loved and enjoyed the content which was very informative and easy to follow. Looking forward to more courses from you.

  2. Kevin Johnson

    A newer version of his course came out within two weeks after purchasing this course. Had I known, I would have waited for his new course to come out and purchase it. This course is outdated, and a lot of content he describes and WordPress views are obsolete and no longer exist.

  3. Johnathon Clarke

    The audio is very crisp and clear-The material is well understood and straightforward

  4. Farazageek

    Very detailed. Perfect for everyone who wants to deep dive into WP. Many details that are not usually covered by other instructors are explained in detail buy the instructor. Love it.

  5. Lovetech Studio Pvt Ltd

    everything is messed up like working on mamp or local by flywheel etc.i suggest to make separate course on these local or live network.

  6. Martin Heller

    Great course with a lot of examples

  7. Raoel Carron

    Have done some other WP course, which was basic and very good. But the other courses didn’t talk about the business part in which I was also interested in. Didn’t know how to set up a WP care plan and had no idea that this was the way to do it. Great course and my compliments to this great expert.

    Thank you Greg

  8. Andreas Kastis

    Dont buy this course!
    At the beginning it starts well and help you understand WordPress main concepts but after that the course is completely OUTDATED!
    Me as a beginner,I got really discouraged to continue because the videos don’t keep up with current versions of WordPress and most themes plugins used in the course are discontinued

  9. Kingson S

    Yeh! Its a great experience.

  10. David

    Great teacher, great course

  11. Anonymized User

    I have been using WP for quite a while but never really administered or built sites from scratch. I have a friend of mine set them up and designed them. From there, I manage the content and run the site. I’m looking to step into the role of full installation and deployment on my own to become more independent on website development requests. So far, I like what I see.

  12. Wendy Matheney

    Still learning, so I’m believing that I’m getting great information so far.

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