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The Git & Github Bootcamp

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Master the essentials and the tricky bits: rebasing, squashing, stashing, reflogs, blobs, trees, & more!

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12 avis pour The Git & Github Bootcamp

  1. Abdul Osman

    Highly recommend this course for absolute beginners to Git and Github. Thanks Colt for this course. It was fun and educational to follow through.

  2. Hrvoje Simanovic

    the course provides excellent foundations and more advanced git capabilities…well explained, easy to follow…section 19: Git behind the scenes is eye opener…Colt is great teacher

  3. James LaMar

    This is what I needed. I just learned about and started using Github. I use it everyday in my Web Development course and will be using it throughout my career!

  4. Davor Kandic

    Great course indeed! Good as refresher and also to find something new & add more depth to your knowledge. Heartly recommendations from my side, Colt is one of the best Udemy instructors!

  5. Fergal Crawley

    Very comprehensive and well explained course. Excellent detail on how to use Git, together with helpful explanations on what is happening in the background.

  6. Bill Deskin

    Well organized, thoroughly thought out. Nice trip from not knowing anything to (at least feeling like) I know more than I need to participate in Git collaborations.

  7. Nicolas Lima

    Colt is a natural teacher. The way he explains everything is just… perfect. And those slides and diagrams? Also perfect. Now beyond a student, I’m a fan.

  8. Florian.V

    Colt is an amazing teacher ! As a non native English Speaker, he explained everything from the basics to the advanced git commands with clarity, simplicity with multiples examples !

    The way it is structured really helps to wrap your mind around the essentials, and dig deeper on “Nice to Have” notions.

    Also, a massive thanks for all the slides. They must have taken so long to do, and they are crystal clear, well illustrated, and it helps understand concepts (particulary pull, fetch and rebase).

    And thanks also for taking the time for demonstrating every aspects of the slides themselves, both on CLI and GUI !

    Greetings from France 🙂

  9. Damian Zienke

    One of the best courses I’ve seen on Udemy. Everything is well thought-out and the examples are easy to understand. Thank you Colt 🙂

  10. Alexander Royal

    The Good: Everything.
    The Bad: A little toooo fast. I mean I tried 0.7x but thats when you hear what Colt sounds like when he’s drunk.

  11. Vajk Turóczy

    it was a comprehensive and thorough training, and I think it gave me a strong foundation to start using git and github. The instructor is very professional, the training is very well structured.

  12. Ágoston Lautner

    I gave this a rating of “Amazing, above expectations!”, but that’s not quite true – I knew I could expect a comprehensive, well-structured, easy to follow course before I even started the first video. Colt is a truly insipring teacher in how clear his explanations are, and how he manages to create a comfortable environment for learning despite the limitations of the platform.
    I already had some surface level knowledge of git, but following this course has provided me with a whole new level of confidence in using it. That said, the videos are structured in such a way that makes this course one hundred percent beginner friendly.
    I highly, highly recommend it. Thanks Colt, and see you on the next course.

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