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The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp: Complete JavaScript Tutorial

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Learn JavaScript by building real-world apps. Includes 3 real-world projects, 80 programming challenges, and ES6/ES7!

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12 avis pour The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp: Complete JavaScript Tutorial

  1. Rocky Kabeya

    Andrew is a great teacher whose conciseness is nothing but the reflection of his deep understanding of the fundamentals of Javascript. I thoroughly enjoyed and found very useful every second of this great course which I highly recommend!

  2. Adam Poplawski

    Thank You Andrew for great course on Java Script.
    Absolutely enjoyed it and learnt so much. Thanks for section 13 with details of babel and webpack which is necessary in larger applications.
    All the best with teaching and programming,

  3. Emre

    I didn’t even imagine that I would work with such a good teacher before taking the course. If you want an understandable language, a sincere teacher and a fluent lesson, you should definitely take Andrew’s course. After taking the course, you will see how much he has mastered the topics he has described, and I am sure you will not regret it. This is definitely the first resource I would recommend to those who want to learn Javascript.

    Much love, Emre.

  4. Thomas Paulsen

    The person that holds the course does not update his videoes and do not answer the Q&A

  5. Michael Gacetta

    Thank you for the wonderful course, Andrew!

    Andrew is a fantastic teacher with a deep understanding of JavaScript and an equally deep enthusiasm for teaching it! This curriculum covers a huge range of topics and the method in which he introduces, teaches and tests our knowledge of these concepts is very well thought out and quite effective. The pacing of learning is pretty consistent and relatively quick considering the amount of information packed into this course. Some lessons are more dense and thus more difficult than others, but the ability to replay or watch videos at variable speed is hugely helpful.

    Some of the code that Andrew uses in his presentations is now outdated, as is the nature of computer programming, but the Q&A feature was helpful. Most issues were already discussed with answers, otherwise it was easy to reach out with a question that hadn’t previously been addressed. I also found that attempting to troubleshoot on my own was a very important skill to learn (AKA very very very frustrating and time consuming).

    It took me two attempts to finish this course: I got halfway through the course in my first attempt until I lost momentum due to outside circumstances. I found on my second attempt, I retained my learning and understood concepts even more deeply and clearly which is a testament to Andrew’s teaching style and a good reminder that revisiting lectures is another way to strengthen knowledge.

    Thanks again, Andrew, for providing me a solid JavaScript knowledge base. Looking forward to your Node.js and React classes!

  6. TaNeisha W

    The author never responded to any of the questions I asked. I sent a message directly to him and the assistant that was helping him respond to questions. His assistant responded that Andrew said he would be responding to question himself. If the author is not available to answer questions he should at least let people know that upfront before purchasing the course. Throughout his course he is constantly telling people to “crack open a question” if they run into any problems. Getting help throughout the course was one of the main reasons I liked Udemy over other similar sites.

  7. James W Kenlon

    My high rating may have something to do with being a big fan of javascript. In any case, I really like his teaching style and the subject matter he choose to cover. Both projects through the course are of interest to me and I like his solutions to coding.

  8. Maria SOKOLOVA

    Explanations sometimes are too rapid and confusing, some libraries are outdated. Overall a useful course, I learned a lot.

  9. Jasu Vadher

    I have learnt basic things better, but as soon as course come into deep it was confusing me at some points and I lost my momentum.

  10. Sunil Jadhav

    Tutor is just awesome!
    Very clear explanation, it is easy to understand and implement.
    He is super excited to share knowledge, which makes this course very interesting and informative.
    Thank you very much.

  11. Karthika Gurunathan

    I love the way Andrew structured the course. The challenges every video are helpful for retaining the information, and I’ve gotten much more comfortable with Javascript. Overall, great course!

  12. Mustafa Mengütay

    This is a great structured course where you can learn JavaScript “fundamentals”. There are challenges where you can get a chance to understand the all concepts very well. Plus you are going to get a book.
    However, some of the features of the language were not covered, and Q&A is no longer active. After finishing this course, you will be ready to use frameworks, etc.

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