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The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp | Learn with 200 Unique Exercises

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A Unique Interactive Python Experience With Nearly 200 Exercises and Quizzes

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12 avis pour The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp | Learn with 200 Unique Exercises

  1. Andrew Lall

    This was a great class. I’ve taken Python classes before and never finished them, structuring was off. I am so happy my co-worker recommended Colt, the flow of this course takes you from beginner to extremely competent. Each module contained quizzes and coding challenges that really solidified your understanding of the material. His explanation of coding concepts (OOP as an example) is brilliant, I can not only code Python now but speak confidently at work on concepts, terms, etc. I especially enjoyed the coding exercises at the end of this course. I would take any course Colt has to offer and I plan on it. I’m hoping one day he does a C# course…lol.

  2. Pawel Mazurkiewicz

    Awesome course, a lot of exercises, I wish there was even more. Everything explained in smart way with a lot of examples. Easy to come back to any topic if needed. I think couple projects added to curicullum would be helpful.

  3. Miguel Lazaro

    Great course with a lot of details and great explanations for beginner and medium python learner.

  4. Gcl

    Good material and coverage. One thing that I felt was missing (or maybe there should be a new course for it) would be the various ways to stand up a python environment (poetry / venv etc)

    Additionally I didn’t see a section on multithreading.

  5. Bob Stutes

    A excellent primer for students new to the python language. The new student will acquire a solid understanding of data handling and the syntax of the python language.

  6. J Chisholm

    This course is really good, the materials are clear, the instructor is easy to follow and this format is great, as I’m able to rewatch the lessons until I figure out what is being taught.

    My only complaint is that occasionally the methods shown reference newer python methods eg f strings which don’t work in the exercises and then i need to change it to the .format notation.

  7. Martin Paska

    Excellent training. Great advantage is that it: 1. Learn you Python by very attractive way 2. Provides many exercises to help you fix knowledge in different situations.

  8. Lauren Noble

    Having a background in JavaScript, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this course. It has been amazing! In just a few weeks I was able to tackle data structure and algorithm problems in Python3. It has given me the confidence to continue coding in Python and start building projects of my own.

  9. Efrain Flores

    It was a great in depth course on Python. It covered most of the necessary topics (and then some) needed to learn Python. There is a lot of practice exercises that will challenge you. I felt that including regex was not really necessary since most of that lesson was learning about regex. It was only at the end that the Python connection was made. Definitely recommending this course to my friends and peers.

  10. Jacob Strong

    Course contained a great overview of Python. Colt has a great way of breaking down concepts into sizeable and manageable chunks with a variety of examples to illustrate the lessons. I probably need to seek alternative resources to supplement what’s contained here for a few concepts (looking at you lambdas). But otherwise, this is a great place to start your python journey. I think the one real negative to the course is that there isn’t a big project or goal you are working towards the entire course. That would put this course over the top to 5 stars.

  11. Umer Bin Usman

    The teaching method of colt is so easy. I was new to programming but after 2 weeks of getting lessons I became very confident to write code in Python. I recommend this course to everyone who is a beginner and wants to start learning python.

  12. Christian Daniel Sepulveda Arzuza

    Colt is an amazing teacher, good mix between providing helpful information and well placed jokes to make the course easy to go through and very helpful at the same time

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