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The Practical Guide to React Native: Build iOS/Android Apps

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Use React Native and your React knowledge to build native iOS and Android Apps – incl. Push Notifications, Hooks, Redux

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12 avis pour The Practical Guide to React Native: Build iOS/Android Apps

  1. Alan Pecenkovic

    A very detailed and comprehensive course on React Native. I had some difficulties the first time I took the course, which were related to outdated React Navigation modules. Fortunately the course was updated and even improved.
    I got my money’s worth out of this course and it benefited me greatly.

  2. Gero Walther

    Great course. I took Max’ react course beforehand and this one was just as good as the react one. Good explanations with practice possibilities.

  3. Christian Daconta

    The creator of this course is very good at explaining procedures. Great learning experience and a ton of content. I couldn’t get an item or two to work perfectly but I understand these things are difficult to maintain as dependencies change rapidly.

  4. Єлізавєта Пархомець

    1. He uses deprecated features and my apps crash all the time.
    2. I cant push my progress on github as I code because he doesn`t show how to hide secret codes until the last section.
    3. “Favorite places” project went good untill I realized that we do not have functionality to delete stuff.
    4. You cant have an actual answer to your question exept “try to copy and paste my code in your project”.
    5. Styling is very poor.

  5. Jordan Kondakov

    If you want to learn React Native, this course would be an amazing choice because it covers everything you need. I highly recommend it!

  6. Zeno Driesen

    Loved the course! As a junior developer I learned a lot. This course was send to me by the company that hired me as an intern and soon I will start as a full-time junior developer at that same company. This course will always be burned into memory, because partly it gave me the opportunity to land a job in this exciting world of development. Thanks!!

  7. Conrad Neumann

    First of all, this is definitely a five star course and a perfect first step into React Native! You will get a very good round-up of possibilities and limits of RN and how to work with them.
    However you should carefully read the requirements for this course beforehand! You should be fluent with javascript and at least ES2015. You should also have a good understanding of React.js and especially of Hooks. Otherwise, this course can get hard to follow after the first half.

    As a minor remark from my side to Max:
    In the later lectures I often get the feeling, that you code everything right as it comes to your mind (and so often correcting or changing things). This made some sections very hard to follow (especially Maps & Navigation). Please consider to stick to the code you already wrote and don’t refactor it on the fly, as long as it is not necessary. To understand the concepts, the code does not have to be perfect. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Priyesh Bhargava

    Instructor is assuming that learner is having basic react knowledge or java script knowledge but he should explain some of basic as this course is for mobile development and not every mobile developer is familiar with Javascript.

  9. Glplreactnative

    Please make sure about how to edit the babel.json file inside plugins after installing the drawers and other installations and how to set the android and iso settings in android studio new version

  10. Sameer Dodai

    excellent course everyone should buy it who want to learn react native. He recently updated the course as his previous one was outdated, it quite good he updated the course with time.

  11. Vedran Simonelli

    The course is brilliant! It covers many segments of mobile app development which are applied in modern apps and the mentor explained it all pretty well so anyone can understand. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to achieve success in this area.

  12. Kristaps

    This was a good course. Some packages were outdated, but all the workarounds were there in the comments under lectures. Answers to questions were quick. and content was understandable.

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