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The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python

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Build 11 Projects and go from Beginner to Pro in Python with the World’s Most Fun Project-Based Python Course!

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12 avis pour The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python

  1. Oneil Taylor

    I was able to learn a lot from this course. Ziyad’s approach is conducive to learning and draws the student’s attention to the subject at hand. Although I completed the course I will be revisiting it over and over again until I have mastered the subjects presented in the course. I definitely recommend it to others wanting to learn Python.

  2. Greeshagowri

    Great course for a complete beginner. Well paced, concise, interesting and fun! Thankyou Ziyad for such a lovely and enjoyable journey into python fundamentals! Simply loved your teaching style and the exercises!

  3. Regina Zuyeva

    The first part of this course is really useful and explained easily, just didn’t get in weird examples in last lectures…I didn’t see any possibility to use them in a practical way, those knowledge, they don’t correspond to any practical field


    as a first time python student, I was able to get the very basics of it. I would definitely be coming back to watch the videos over and over again especially the last few section. overall it was a great experience and i hope to gain some more and advance my skills

  5. Tammy D Mathison

    Ziyad is a great instructor. I hope to see more Python courses from him soon!

  6. Dominique Mays

    For me, the beginning was great. I think up until Section 10. It felt rushed in a way. Could be that I took a break and was trying to grasp the next concept, but it seemed forced. Overall, great course.

  7. Donovan Brooks

    Great at explaining everything and letting you create simple programs. Wish the program showed you more real-world examples and also include more modules and examples of what they can do.

  8. Théo Karjula

    I had never written a single line of code before starting the course. It started a bit slow to my liking but it really picked up in the last third. Everything that is done is explained and when I ran to a wall as I couldn’t find where my mistake was, the Q&A section had most problems already answered.

  9. Stoil Valchkov

    Informative, everything you need to know for a beginner. However, it could be a bit boring for a developer, who already has knowledge for another programming language.


    very fun way of teaching, i graduated in IT but programming was one of my worst subjects, im revisiting it again here and this course is making me want to learn it again

  11. Zanoxolo Fikile

    Great explaination well detailed and Slowly for grasping the concept. Thanks!!!

  12. Bhagyaraj Mullangi

    Amazing projects..
    Amazing Exercises..
    Really good.
    Only 2 parts misses i guess,
    Regular Expressions.

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