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The Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 50 Days with 20 Apps

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2022 Redone! Take the full course to become a Python programmer, or pick any project to master specific areas of Python.

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12 avis pour The Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 50 Days with 20 Apps

  1. Xargalon

    I’m giving this course five stars today because the November 2022 update, well complete overhaul, is massive and really brings the course to a new level. I completed about 70% of the old course, so I can say, the new update is great.

    The self-study tasks are a nice addition and the projects are like what we’d be doing in the wild. So, we learn a bit and then do it ourselves (no peeking), which takes the course beyond a series of code alongs.

    It’s nice to have GIT integration now, which is something I’ve never gone into that much.

    The course is angled towards CLI and web apps, along with some data analysis, so don’t expect a course on neural networks and machine learning, even though there is a section about computer vision and motion tracking.

    Thanks for the huge update, Ardit.

  2. David Ryan

    One of the best, if not the best, intro to Python course on Udemy!

    Easy to follow along, very clear instructions, and excellent, “hands-on” examples.

    The best part is the study-at-your-own-pace format where you can pause, rewind, and review any part of the course if you need to go over something a second or third time to “get it”.


  3. Douglas B Rupp

    A useful and interesting in-depth intro to Python. I especially like the personalized email from Ardit, asking me about me experience and interests that is sent from a no-reply return address.

  4. Henry J

    The instructor re-recorded the whole course and made it easier to follow through the material. The course introduced many Python packages in general to get the students started making apps / web apps. Students still need to spend more time reading & practicing those packages in depth. An excellent introductory course to get you started in Python and some of it’s packages.

  5. Gregory Richardson

    This is the first course I’ve ever been able to stick with all the way through. The lessons are engaging and broken up into blocks of information that is easy to absorb.

  6. Lien Nachtegaele

    Definitely one of the best courses I have ever followed!
    Great variation in the different days, exciting examples and lots of related context that can help you in developing.

  7. Artjom Fraiman

    The updated course is fantastic. As a beginner in Python, I highly recommend it to others starting out in the language. I am already excited to code the upcoming apps that are not covered in the course yet. Ardit is a great instructor! I also liked the structure of learning days.

  8. Kyle Galway

    Ardit Sulce’s introductory Python Course is a solid way to learn the basics of Python, and then apply those basics in a variety of applications to give you a good understanding of the capabilities of the language. I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone who is interested in learning the Python language, especially if they need some examples to demonstrate the possibilities of what can be built with it.

    That said, I want to emphasis the use of the word, “introductory.” This course introduces its students to an enormous amount of tools and frameworks, starting with some basic libraries such as Streamlit and PySimpleGUI before advancing to more practical libraries, such as Flask and PyQt5, while on the side beginning to show the use of some data science libraries such as Pandas and Numpy.

    What it does not do is go into any major depth with any of these tools. You will come out of this course with a solid idea of what you can do with Python while having a decent understanding of what you in particular enjoy using it for, but to develop a more advanced understanding, I would recommend afterwards taking a course more focused on the area you want to explore (data science, web development, etc).

    If you want to go into this course looking for a one stop shop to get a job, this course is not that. If you want an idea of what you can do with Python before delving into other area, it’s a good starting point. This isn’t a criticism of the course – it is an extremely smooth introduction to programming, and you could never go over the sheer amount of content it does without having to skim through at least a decent portion of it.

    If I had a recommendeation for Ardit, it is that I would have preferred he introduce the basics of Object Oriented Programming somewhat sooner. That said, he does have an additional course for this exact purpose, though I cannot comment on it as I have not completed it.

  9. Ran M

    I just completed this course (well everything except the additional exercises on Section 51). This course is pure gold, and one of the best online courses I ever took in terms of return on investment:

    – The course is well structured.
    – The explanations are clear and detailed (and important concepts are often emphasized and repeated a few times, which is excellent)
    – The content is up to date and refers to the latest versions of the services and software mentioned (one exception is the lesson on Heroku that cancelled their free tier)
    – The exercises are great and they come with detailed solutions
    – The Q&A section is pretty active and I found it very useful.

    Bottom line this is an amazing course and if you take it seriously, it will give you a robust foundation on Python programming.

    Ardit, congrats and thank you for this great course. I look forward to the additional apps.

  10. Levi

    Being a python 3 course for 2023 was expecting more updated python 3.11 lessons, like changes to exception handling, type hints, etc. Overall, very informative as a beginner course and I learned a few things.

  11. Borislav Terzic

    This course was a great place to learn Python through a lots of practical examples.

  12. 安田忠邦 Yasuda

    My first and GREATEST Python course I have ever actually finished!!!!! Thank you very very much. My life is great thanks to people like Ardit. I love internet because I get to learn from fantastic people like him. Thank you very much again. I am now on my way to master more python.

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