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The Ruby on Rails Masterclass Training Course

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Learn to make innovative web apps with Ruby on Rails and unleash your creativity

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12 avis pour The Ruby on Rails Masterclass Training Course

  1. Andrea de Guzman

    Good for beginner! But lots of outdated stuff. Hopefully some of the sections could get updated (Ex. the Saas project section)

  2. Abinash

    Best course that explains in detail. it has code for different version of rails if you wanna learn different version.

  3. Andrey Chistobaev

    It’s okay. Chapter 11 is a quite difficult at first. Chapter 12 looks like easy walking after that. Thanks.

  4. Roberto CR

    Clearly not for beginners. New topics are introduced along the way without a proper explanation. Outdated, and doesn’t go deep enough. The good thing: presents the topics needed to make a good use of this framework.

  5. Wiechsa

    A good start, but an outdated version of rails makes the rest impossible to learn. If you want to buy this course, be prepared to google things and troubleshoot on your own

  6. Joaquin Berrios

    The course is amazingly paced. And the projects were all really great ways to pickup on skills. Be warned though, you need a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript to do certain things in the course, but you can always follow along listening if you’re a bit lost.

    The best project for me was the message app, got really into it and ended up some functionalities by myself which really helped get some expirience without handholding. The most annoying would be the Saas app, the contents are certainly outdated, I tried doing it on a new version of rails and had to take some time to setup Milia, still was a good expirience.

    Nevertheless, overall enjoyed the course a lot!

  7. Luis Mariano Ramírez Segura

    A lot of the content is outdated (rails 4 o 5) and you will have to troubleshoot errors that are not solved or mentioned in the material.
    Section 12 is pretty much redundant (this advertised as a ruby course, not about css frameworks).
    The course seems abandoned, as of 2023 I couldn’t do section 11 due to a broken dependency with milia (dead gem without rails 6 support).

  8. Guilherme Berlintes

    The course itself was really very useful, I learned a lot and I was captivated by the content. The only negative points in my point of view were with the final stages of the course, where the image quality of the videos became poor and the tools used are quite outdated, which made it very difficult to follow the content. (Example is the use of the IEX Cloud API, which currently does not allow testing in the free plan)

  9. Yugo Sato

    This course is smashing! I used to study ruby on rails a bit myself, but this lecture helped me to get insight into ruby on rails with great depth. One of the fantastic features about this course is that the contents are taught in a way that solve problems. Therefore I managed to stick a lot of concepts in my head with ease.

  10. Amador Fernandez

    The explanations are well done, but the content is really deprecated (Ruby and Rails Versions, deprecated services, or others that stopped being free) for 2022. Maybe is time to retire it, or do some updates in the apps build into the course.

  11. WebTeam

    I would like to rate this course higher but I feel like I cannot. The instructor is very good at explaining the concepts needed for Ruby/Rails however the course is very out of date at this point.

    I feel that I firstly am not learning Rails as it is today and secondly that some sections of the course are not able to be followed along to as the examples provided have changed to much in the interim. (for example the stock tracker app uses a external service that was free at the time of publishing but is no longer free rendering the whole section useless to follow along to)

    It also seems that the course tutor is no longer supporting the course, not just with updates to the content but also with support for questions posed by the students.

    An updated set of videos would be very well received by me and would lead me to re-rate this accordingly. But as this stands I feel this course should be retired so that a newer course could help students learning the latest versions of Ruby/Rails.

  12. Juan Sebastián Auza Ortega

    Fue un gran curso, lo único que esperaría por mejorar, es que actualicen algunos videos que están hechos con versiones de rails y gemas muy antiguas, como photo-app y saas-project-app, las cuales causaron muchos conflictos y pérdida de tiempo en mi proceso, ya que no conseguía en ocasiones información alguna ni en google o youtube, ni stack overflow u otras páginas sobre los errores producidos por versiones.

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