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The Ultimate Excel Programmer – Programming Course

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Learn Excel VBA from Scratch with Dan Strong, Bestselling Excel Expert with Over 180K Students Worldwide!

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12 avis pour The Ultimate Excel Programmer – Programming Course

  1. Bright Asamoah

    An excellent course with very practical and easy-to-follow explanations. Highly recommended.

  2. Erick Rodrigo García Hernández

    This is a perfect course, where you’ll get a new pack of skills for a industry applications, for me this was a PERFECT COURSE, able to make dynamic reports, searching applications, wonderful course, BUT i really want to know what is the next step, the next course.

  3. N K

    Courses content are awesome, purposeful and easy to digest. Dan brings a lot of positive energy which makes him really interactive and entertaining to listen to, which definitely helped a lot during the some of the challenging parts of the course. Dan might be the best instructor I have found here on Udemy yet. I would definitely recommend the course for a non-VBA user like me!

  4. Russell Lait

    This is a great course covering everything from the basics to advanced topics!

    I definitely learned a lot and have been able to apply the learnings toward building complex Excel applications that are being used by large groups within our enterprise.

  5. Serafettin Unsal

    So far I am little surprised because, I was dealing with VBA as an amateur for some years now and I know pretty much about VBA. But with Dan Strong’s VBA training video I am learning every nitty gritty about it that I never new before. I have other VBA videos that I purchased and they are all good in their own teaching styles, but I realized one thing that you can not learn everything with only one trainer. I am glad I came across with Dan Strong. Thank you Dan. I would say you are very special and I wish all the other enthusiast of VBA to find you soon. Best regards,
    Serafettin Unsal

  6. Dalton Adams

    I really enjoyed this course; Instructor was very engaging and personally invested into the content. The exercises were challenging but not impossible and the solutions were almost always satisfying. The course files were also nice.

  7. Dragusinoiu Constantin Catalin

    In the begining of the course ( first 5-7 hours ) it’s verry clear what you explain, but after section 5, I can;t follow up the complicated things, and I don’t know why. I’m not an speaker english, but please put more effort when you talk. I don’t hear well, it’s sounds for me you are boring when you explain….
    Sorry, but this is what make me to give up to your course….

  8. Andrew Whitton

    So I’m on section 6 atm and this has got to be one of the best put-together courses I’ve seen on Udemy.

    The effort that must have gone into making this I can’t imagine.

    Fantastic course

  9. Vincent Gunter

    Really thorough! I love that it covers things just enough to get the point but not so much that you get bored.

  10. Attila Rebak

    Dan explains it to the details, and there are many prjects to absorb the material.

  11. Chris Liu

    Dan’s explanation is clear and each short version of class motivates me to learn more into next charter. Love his teaching skills.

  12. Bahri TURAN

    This course has given me a lot of insights, many thanks for your efforts.

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