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The Ultimate Guide to Unity Games Development

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Created in partnership with Unity Technologies: learn C# by developing 2D & 3D games with this comprehensive guide

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12 avis pour The Ultimate Guide to Unity Games Development

  1. Kaustubh Kansara

    Started from very basic and created 3 unique, but not complete, games
    Programming is explained from very basics

  2. Hugo Anant Klose

    – As an introductory Course:

    – Very good at allowing student to learn concepts on their own rather than directly following a video
    – After-explanations seem to be very good at clarifying, in cases where this is not true, comments section help each other out a lot

    – As a Course on Udemy:

    – Odd choice in keeping both older and newer content, while this is generally good for reffering to content that is applicable to older iterations of the engine, the strange ordering may put off some students.
    – The Extras section seems kind of thrown in there and does not match the rest of the quality of the course, it looks like that these were taken from the Archived section and put into the new section.

  3. P. P.

    Hey, with all respect for your work, but this course is too outdated especially The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity (Unity 2017) and The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development with Unity (Unity 2018).

  4. Fran Egido

    Hard to follow up sometimes specially when the instructor starts going back and forward

  5. Milos Volek

    Absolutely excellent training for making games in Unity.
    Thank you very much for the content and processing of the training.

  6. Jose Molina

    There is missing content like player1 animations, which is important, and also the audio is a bit poor. The rest of the content and challenges are ok.

  7. Peter

    Section 16 needs to be updated to the new Unity Version. Standard Assets are not available anymore. How can I learn how to make a mobile Input Manager… ?

  8. Michele Pellegrino

    There is only one (not that little) thing that doesn’t make me rate it 5 stars. It is not really updated to 2022.
    Unity from 2017 to 2019, and some assets are obsolete. It could be a chance to enhance your skills to find solutions, but could also be frustrating to novices.
    Still gives a really good specter of what Unity is capable of, and does not deserve less than 4.5 stars and a big “Thank You”.

  9. Mike Kenny

    TL;DR: Writing this review in 2023 the course is extremely outdated. And while it’s an average course for begginers to Unity, it’s not one I’d recommend for beginners to C# or coding in general.

    The course is split into 3 sections, so I’ll do a few points for each:

    Section 1: Definitely the best part of the course. Despite a few questionable coding practices here and there, the info is generally well presented and covers a good intro into making games with Unity. The content is also covered at a good pace for beginners, however I think more emphasis should have been given to C# fundamentals, as it would be pretty frustrating if you come in with absolutely no knowledge of it beforehand. Unfortunately the section seems to have been updated only in a few areas which means if you’re trying to follow along blindly, you may have a frustrating time.

    Section 2: Genuinely terrible. The content and assets used in this section are so outdated theres no point even trying to get them to work. While it does cover some areas that a few people may find useful (e.g Cinemachine), it would probably be better for those people to just google the specific solutions, rather than use this course as a real-world example of them. 0/10 for this section

    Section 3: This was an interesting part for me. I bought this course when I was a beginner at Unity/C#, but only started the course recently after having done other courses and even released my own games, so I would say I’m more of an intermediate now. In that regard this section was pretty good, it went into much more advanced C# practices and covered some parts on Unity I wasn’t familiar with. This was the only part of the course that covered something new to me, so for that I’m thankful. However the content covered in this section, as well as the speed at which the instructor goes through things, mean that there is no way this belongs in a beginner course.

    Some general Pros:
    – Good amount of DIY challenges to help you learn.
    – Content is mostly presented at a good pace.
    – The instructor seems very knowledgeable and friendly.

    Some general Cons:
    – Despite saying it was updated in 2022, the added content itself is still massively outdated and almost pointless by now.
    – Poor coding practices throughout. While I understand this way may be easier for a beginner to grasp, it will also mean they pick up bad habits early.
    – Almost no support in the Q&A section, which is very dissapointing for a Udemy course. The instructor mentions external forums which I didn’t look into, and by comments on other reviews seem to have been abandoned.

    For a course that is promoted as being officially partnered with Unity, I was quite dissapointed at the quality. It may have been different at the time of the original release, but at this stage they need to either remove it from Udemy or start from scratch.
    For my level of experience it was good to go back and revisit some fundamentals, and I did learn things so it’s not all bad, but if I was still a beginner I would have been very put off by the majority of this course.

    Despite all the good elements I’m rating the course as a whole, and for that I can’t give it more than 2 stars.

    Very glad I bought this on sale. Just a shame I waited so long to start the course and can’t get a refund anymore.

  10. François Lachance

    For the price, having three games as examples is a no brainer. Also, it really takes you by the hand for coding but not too much either. Because there are challenges here and there, you are tasked with actually figuring things out too.

  11. Ettore Farris

    Q&A’s are useless, the instructor doesn’t answers your questions. If I have to learn things by going back and forth on Google, I’m might as well pick a free youtube course.

  12. Taha Kılıç

    Old version of Unity. This course need update or this wont help people at all

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